• CityMarker


    The CityMarker inputs your Excel data automatically on maps in PowerPoint.
    You can display values for specific locations and can create high-quality business presentations.

  • Worldmap Generator

    Worldmap Generator

    With our WorldMap Generator-family products you can color countries with data from an Excel template,
    place your logo and can mark points on the map with Harvey Balls.

  • Editable vector maps in PowerPoint

    Editable vector maps in PowerPoint

    Our PowerPoint maps are available in vector format. The division into shapes (eg countries or districts) allows you flexible, individual adjustments.

  • Maps exactly according to geo-data

    Maps exactly according to geo-data

    We offer extensive national and international PowerPoint maps and Excel maps.
    All maps are high quality, mathematically precise according to Geo and GIS data rendered templates for demanding and high-resolution presentations.


The CityMarker highlights your desired cities on the relevant map and displays corresponding values such as number of employees or performance as circle size.

Excel Maps

Our Excel maps visualize company or client locations, entirely without programmed macros. The result is a versatile map in the form of an Excel chart.

WorldMap Generator

Our WorldMap Generator colors different states based on your Excel data. This permits expressive heat maps for your PowerPoint presentation to be created.

Maps for Controlling and Reporting – PowerPoint, Excel and more

In different business sectors geographical contexts play an increasingly important role, not least because of the ongoing globalization - whether it is for sales, marketing, controlling or decision making in top management. Using spatial data for comprehensive and meaningful analysis and presentation will win a better understanding of a company's data, which is too abstract without geographic visualization. Thus equipped, you are able to make informed decisions for your business.

With our products and solutions - especially in the office environment - you can quickly put your data and analysis directly into PowerPoint presentations. Please also familiar yourself with our alternative maps as Excel diagrams which are extremely versatile.

All products are designed to protect your company's data and account codes as stand alone versions in order to protect them against the unauthorized access of third parties. Create and develop your results with the geographical possibilities in the office environment of a professional Maps4Office Tool!

SAP HANA, Dynamics, Qlik, Power BI Maps
We support you with complex BI systems from MS Dynamics, Qlik, Navision, Power BI to SAP HANA, to display your KPIs on a digital map. With the Maps4Office solutions you can place and coloring BIG Data for Top Management Reporting. Our consultants help you visualize relationships, patterns and forecasts.

Geocoding of addresses
We support you with the geocoding of addresses from your CRM, from Excel or from your database system. From the address data - such as Country, zip code, city and street number - we determine for you the latitude and longitude values or match the postcodes to map. We support all popular formats, such as KML, Esri Shape Files, OSM, geoJSON, GPX, SQLite, SVG and special formats.

Connect data with maps and GIS systems
Every CRM and GIS system is only as good as the data it contains. Maps4Office provides you with a complete set of experiences, tools, and capabilities to clean, manipulate, and manage your data, based on your unique needs and processes. Whether you use current or historical data, extract individual data sections or integrate your data into another IT system, we use intelligent algorithms and ELT processes to display your results on a map.

Data Security & Privacy
If you want Google-Map, Streetmap or other Online-Maps, we can help you. But on the other hand, we want to protect you company data. Data security and data privacy has always been our top priority. That's why we create offline maps and tools to protect your data. Your company data stays with you - no matter what evaluations and analyzes you want to run, you do not have to take any additional privacy policy into account or name us a supplier. This saves you and your data protection officer time and valuable resources.



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Visual search

Use our interactive geographical search for quick access to your preferred map.


High resolution vector maps

Put a high-resolution map in vector format! These can be scaled without loss and guarantee a high quality of representation. In this way, our maps are also ideal for large format print products or projections for meetings, conferences and trade shows.

Visualizing data

Automate your data onto our maps! With the help of our CityMarker and WorldMap Generator products you can display your Excel data on a geographical level. Generate heat maps or visualize values to specific sites - automatically by intelligent macro functions.

Individual solutions

Ask about customized solutions! On request we can implement map solutions to meet your individual requirements. We generate your maps with the usual high quality, advise you on appropriate map network designs and program specialized macro functions to meet your specific needs.

The whole scope

Benefits from diverse map solutions from a single source! We offer everything from a simple city map to a comprehensive map of the world. There are also special requested topics maps, maps of transnational regions and our powerful solutions to Excel data visualization on maps.