Colouring editable Indonesia Vector-Map

Colouring and editable Indonesia Map in Vector Format

Maps4Office support different editable Vector Maps and Filetypes to colouring and labeling the Indonesia Map in Asia. For PowerPoint Presentations use the PPT template and Slides of Indonesia to colour provinces or outline Maps. If you are an Artist or designer use the Province (Propinsi) Vector Map of Indonesia in the typical AI, EPS or EMF format.


Indonesia Map Province - editable and coloring vector map

Indonesia Map Province – Vector Map, editable SVG, AI, EPS


Colouring editable Indonesia Vector-Map for

PowerPoint Slides / template

Indonesia Map Province PowerPoint template, clipartmap, vector map, outline map editable, grey color with no names for PowerPoint Presentations

Indonesia Map Province PowerPoint template, editable

SVG, AI, EPS Vector Map

Indonesia Map for SVG, AI, EPS

Indonesia Map for SVG, AI, EPS (grey color)


Colouring Subdivisions of Indonesia

The first administration Level of Indonesia is the province level (State Level, like USA). If you want to colour or edit the province, then use PowerPoint Map or the SVG Map of Indonesia. Usually we group all the provinces – so the best way to edit or modify the Indonesia Map, start with ungrouping the shapes and provinces. Feel free to set your own labels or define your sales territories, to create beautiful maps.

Colouring editable Indonesia Vector-Map

Indonesia Vector Map SVG, Illustrator, editable grey color

Indonesia Vector Map, editable, grey color and ungroup for SVG, AI

Please note, Indonesia is divided into 34 provinces. 8 provinces have been created since 2000 and five provinces have special status:

  • Aceh, also known as Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (formerly: Aceh Special Region)
  • Yogyakarta Special Region
  • Papua (formerly: Irian Jaya)
  • West Papua (formerly: Irian Jaya Barat)
  • and the Capital City Jakarta (Special Capital Region, similar like Washington D.C.)


The 2nd administration Levels are the Regency (kabupaten) and city (kota). The difference between a regency and a city lies in differing demographics, size and economics. There exist over 500 second level administrative divisions in Indonesia. If you need this administration map, please contact us.

The 3rd Level are the Districts of Indonesia. With over 7.000 districts, we create this Map only on request, because the file-size is very big.


Count of Districts in Indonesia

  • Aceh: 289
  • North Sumatra: 440
  • West Sumatra: 179
  • Riau: 164
  • Jambi: 138
  • South Sumatra: 231
  • Bengkulu: 127
  • Lampung: 227
  • the Bangka Belitung Islands: 47
  • the Riau Islands: 66
  • Jakarta: 44
  • West Java: 626
  • Central Java: 573
  • the Special Region of Yogyakarta: 78
  • East Java: 664
  • Banten: 155
  • Bali: 57
  • West Nusa Tenggara: 116
  • East Nusa Tenggara: 306
  • West Kalimantan: 174
  • Central Kalimantan: 136
  • South Kalimantan: 152
  • East Kalimantan: 103
  • North Kalimantan: 50
  • North Sulawesi: 167
  • Central Sulawesi: 172
  • South Sulawesi: 306
  • Southeast Sulawesi: 213
  • Gorontalo: 77
  • West Sulawesi: 69
  • Maluku: 118
  • North Maluku: 115
  • West Papua: 175
  • Papua: 470


Districts in Indonesia are divided into desa (villages) or kelurahan (urban communities) and are the fourth administration level. The Ministry of Indonesia reported in 2019, there are 8.488 urban villages and 74.953 rural villages in Indonesia.


Other Subdivisions or boundary Maps for Indonesia

For other boundary Maps of Indonesia, Subdivisions or administration Maps in KML file, Esri Shp Format, geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us  stallwanger IT.

Excel Heatmap of Indonesia with no labels for Dashboards. If you export his Tool to PowerPoint, all shapes and Regions are editable

Indonesia Map Province Excel

Indonesia Map Province Excel

3D Map of Idonesia

Indonesia Map provinces (Provinsi) 3D Map

Indonesia Map provinces (Provinsi) 3D Map, editable, with no labels for SVG, AI, EPS