editable Turkey Map

editable Turkey Map for PowerPoint, AI, EPS, SVG

Maps4Office has published a professional and editable map-set of Turkey.

editable Turkey Map in Europe with provinces and roads

Turkey map in Europe with provinces and roads

Districts of Turkey (coloring with provinces level) with no labels

Districts of Turkey with no labels, editable boundary shapes

Districts of Turkey with no labels, editable boundary shapes for AI, SHP, KML and more


Download editable Turkey maps for PowerPoint presentations with customizable provinces (states) that helps you to prepare awesome presentations for sales territories.

PowerPoint Vector Map of Turkey editable, with no label, outline map, province shape, ppt template, Hiçbir etiket, anahat haritası, il şekli, ppt şablonu düzenlenebilir Türkiye PowerPoint Vektör Haritası,

PowerPoint Vector Map of Turkey editable for Business-Presentations and Reporting

If you need PowerPoint Slides and Presentations of Turkey, maps4office support different administration Levels of the state of Turkey. All provinces, districts or outline Maps of Turkey are boundary shapes – vector maps.

That means all regions, states and provinces are so called free-form-shapes in PowerPoint that can be scaled without quality loss – no bitmaps (JPG, PNG, BMP etc.).

Customers can either use and edit this map-set directly in PowerPoint with all of its features (shadow- and mirror-Effects, 3D-extrusion and -rotating) or paste them via clipboard in their preferred vector application (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or Inscape).

The fact that vector graphics scale without quality loss it makes them ideal for printing (business reports, magazines) and zooming into details.


Editable Turkey Map for Illustrator Map (SVG, AI, EPS)

For Adobe Illustrator you can download the Turkey map with provinces in mercator projection. If you need other projection types please contact us.

Illustrator Map - Turkey with Province for SVG, AI, EPS, TR Region, editable, gray, with no label, Illustrator Haritası - hiçbir etiket, düzenlenebilir gri SVG, AI, EPS, TC Bölgesi için Eyaleti, Türkiye'nin

Illustrator – Turkey Province Map for SVG, AI, EPS



Turkey maps for PowerPoint and AI

PowerPoint template (slides) – Turkey Map Province

PowerPoint postcode map – 2 digits postcode-areas

Illustrator map – Turkey Province Map for EPS, SVG and AI



Editable Postcode Map of Turkey with Postcode-Areas (Posta kodu)

For Sales Presentations we support the 2-digit Postcode Map of Turkey.

Turkey Postcode Map 2digits PowerPoint, two digits postcode area, boundary shape, editable vector shapes, ppt Presentation Posta kodu, Türkiye Posta Harita 2 basamak PowerPoint, iki basamak posta kodu alan, sınır şekil, düzenlenebilir vektör şekiller, ppt Sunum Posta kodu

Turkey Postcode Map 2digits for PowerPoint

Excel Addin Turkey Map – On request

Excel-Addin Map of Turkey for Reporting, KPI-Dashboards or CRM-Systems. Coloring Provinces, Regions or Areas with your own Excel-Values and create monthly Reporting for your Managment Reporting. Use this Excel Addin Framework to export your own Map PowerPoint Slides.

Excel add in on map of Turkey map, editable for kpi dashboards, crm-systems and sales territories, Excel kpi panoları, crm sistemleri ve satış bölgeleri için düzenlenebilir Türkiye haritası harita üzerinde eklemek

Excel addin: Turkey-Map for KPI-Dashboards and Reporting

Turkey Map Districts - Excel addin to create own vector map for powerpoint

editable Turkey Map with districts: Excel Addin to create own vector maps for powerpoint presentations


editable Turkey Map for SVG, AI, EPS

The Turkey map for EPS, SVG, AI is available in grey color and is a blank map with no labels. For SVG and Adobe Illustrator you can select each boundary shape by layer name.

Turkey Map with Provinces, editable boundary shapes for Illustrator

editable Turkey Map for Illustrator – boundary shapes incl. layer names for provinces


Provinces of Turkey

List of provinces, postcode with 2-digits and the NUTS code

  • Adana (Code: TR-01), NUTS-Code: TR621
  • Adıyaman (Code: TR-02), NUTS-Code: TRC12
  • Afyonkarahisar (Code: TR-03), NUTS-Code: TR332
  • Ağrı (Code: TR-04), NUTS-Code: TRA21
  • Aksaray (Code: TR-68), NUTS-Code: TR712
  • Amasya (Code: TR-05), NUTS-Code: TR834
  • Ankara (Code: TR-06), NUTS-Code: TR510
  • Antalya (Code: TR-07), NUTS-Code: TR611
  • Ardahan (Code: TR-75), NUTS-Code: TRA24
  • Artvin (Code: TR-08), NUTS-Code: TR905
  • Aydın (Code: TR-09), NUTS-Code: TR321
  • Balıkesir (Code: TR-10), NUTS-Code: TR221
  • Bartın (Code: TR-74), NUTS-Code: TR813
  • Batman (Code: TR-72), NUTS-Code: TRC32
  • Bayburt (Code: TR-69), NUTS-Code: TRA13
  • Bilecik (Code: TR-11), NUTS-Code: TR413
  • Bingöl (Code: TR-12), NUTS-Code: TRB13
  • Bitlis (Code: TR-13), NUTS-Code: TRB23
  • Bolu (Code: TR-14), NUTS-Code: TR424
  • Burdur (Code: TR-15), NUTS-Code: TR613
  • Bursa (Code: TR-16), NUTS-Code: TR411
  • Çanakkale (Code: TR-17), NUTS-Code: TR222
  • Çankırı (Code: TR-18), NUTS-Code: TR822
  • Çorum (Code: TR-19), NUTS-Code: TR833
  • Denizli (Code: TR-20), NUTS-Code: TR322
  • Diyarbakır (Code: TR-21), NUTS-Code: TRC22
  • Düzce (Code: TR-81), NUTS-Code: TR423
  • Edirne (Code: TR-22), NUTS-Code: TR212
  • Elazığ (Code: TR-23), NUTS-Code: TRB12
  • Erzincan (Code: TR-24), NUTS-Code: TRA12
  • Erzurum (Code: TR-25), NUTS-Code: TRA11
  • Eskisehir (Code: TR-26), NUTS-Code: TR412
  • Gaziantep (Code: TR-27), NUTS-Code: TRC11
  • Giresun (Code: TR-28), NUTS-Code: TR903
  • Gümüşhane (Code: TR-29), NUTS-Code: TR906
  • Hakkari (Code: TR-30), NUTS-Code: TRB24
  • Hatay (Code: TR-31), NUTS-Code: TR631
  • Iğdır (Code: TR-76), NUTS-Code: TRA23
  • Isparta (Code: TR-32), NUTS-Code: TR612
  • Istanbul-I (Thrace) (Code: TR-34), NUTS-Code: TR100
  • Istanbul-II (Anatolia) (Code: TR-34), NUTS-Code: TR100
  • İzmir (Code: TR-35), NUTS-Code: TR310
  • Kahramanmaraş (Code: TR-46), NUTS-Code: TR632
  • Karabük (Code: TR-78), NUTS-Code: TR812
  • Karaman (Code: TR-70), NUTS-Code: TR522
  • Kars (Code: TR-36), NUTS-Code: TRA22
  • Kastamonu (Code: TR-37), NUTS-Code: TR821
  • Kayseri (Code: TR-38), NUTS-Code: TR721
  • Kilis (Code: TR-79), NUTS-Code: TRC13
  • Kırıkkale (Code: TR-71), NUTS-Code: TR711
  • Kırklareli (Code: TR-39), NUTS-Code: TR213
  • Kırşehir (Code: TR-40), NUTS-Code: TR715
  • Kocaeli (İzmit) (Code: TR-41), NUTS-Code: TR421
  • Konya (Code: TR-42), NUTS-Code: TR521
  • Kütahya (Code: TR-43), NUTS-Code: TR333
  • Malatya (Code: TR-44), NUTS-Code: TRB11
  • Manisa (Code: TR-45), NUTS-Code: TR331
  • Mardin (Code: TR-47), NUTS-Code: TRC31
  • Mersin (Code: TR-33), NUTS-Code: TR622
  • Muğla (Code: TR-48), NUTS-Code: TR323
  • Muş (Code: TR-49), NUTS-Code: TRB22
  • Nevşehir (Code: TR-50), NUTS-Code: TR714
  • Niğde (Code: TR-51), NUTS-Code: TR713
  • Ordu (Code: TR-52), NUTS-Code: TR902
  • Osmaniye (Code: TR-80), NUTS-Code: TR633
  • Rize (Code: TR-53), NUTS-Code: TR904
  • Sakarya (Adapazarı) (Code: TR-54), NUTS-Code: TR422
  • Samsun (Code: TR-55), NUTS-Code: TR831
  • Şanlıurfa (Code: TR-63), NUTS-Code: TRC21
  • Siirt (Code: TR-56), NUTS-Code: TRC34
  • Sinop (Code: TR-57), NUTS-Code: TR823
  • Sivas (Code: TR-58), NUTS-Code: TRC33
  • Şırnak (Code: TR-73), NUTS-Code: TR722
  • Tekirdağ (Code: TR-59), NUTS-Code: TR211
  • Tokat (Code: TR-60), NUTS-Code: TR832
  • Trabzon (Code: TR-61), NUTS-Code: TR901
  • Tunceli (Code: TR-62), NUTS-Code: TRB14
  • Uşak (Code: TR-64), NUTS-Code: TR334
  • Van (Code: TR-65), NUTS-Code: TRB21
  • Yalova (Code: TR-77), NUTS-Code: TR425
  • Yozgat (Code: TR-66), NUTS-Code: TR723
  • Zonguldak (Code: TR-67), NUTS-Code: TR811



Other formats for the Turkey map

For other formats or boundary Maps in KML file, Esri Shp, geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us.

For customizing your CRM Database-System, modifying your KPI-System or programming for MS Access, Excel add-ons please contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.