Excel Bolivia Map with no labels

Excel Bolivia Map with no labels and captions

Create a Bolivia Map in Excel with following steps for your Management-Reporting-System (sales territory, KPI-Sales-Map or Dashboards).

Open the Excel-Addin Bolivia Map with the corresponding Administration Level or Subdivision (Regions, Departementos, Municipality or Postcode-Map).

Excel Bolivia Map with no labels, departementos, coloring for kpi-dashboards

Excel Bolivia Map with no labels – select cells values and start the wizard

For individual solutions, please contact your maps4office team.

In order to use all the functions of Addin-Map in Excel, you need to activate the macro functions in Microsoft MS Excel. A Short tutorial to enable or activating macros for MS Office, you will find on this page: Enable macros for MS Office.

If you now your administration name (e.g. from your CRM-System), you can promptly select your data range and import all data into the Bolivia-Wizard-Map. For BI-Systems, like Qlikview, Navision you can use the SVG-Maps.

If you want to create a completely new Excel Boliva Map with no labels or captions, click on the Ribbon “List”. The Excel-Addin create a new Sheet with Administration-ID, Administration Name and/or Postcode Areas. On the next column, you can enter your own Values.

Select your Municipality or Municipality-ID and select Labels and own Values and start the Wizard with the “Generate” Button.

After coloring, you can select and edit each shape for your own CI-Colors.

Excel Bolivia Mapa Municipio Vector Coloring

Editable Map – select shape (region, departementos) for own CI-Colors

Use the Export-Button to export all Shapes (Region, Districts) and Labels to PowerPoint Presentations




Usually the Values and Labels coming out from the CRM or ERP-System. If you need help to clear your Database (ETL-System), please contact the Maps4Office-Team.