Excel Turkey Map with no Labels

Excel Turkey Map with no Labels, Captions

Create a Turkey Map in Excel with following steps for your KPI-Dashboard or Management-Reporting-System.

Excel Turkey Map with no Labels, Captions, xls template, Etiketler, Başlıklar, xls şablonuna olmadan ve Excel Türkiye Haritası,

Excel Turkey Map (Province) with no labels for Dashboards


Start or open the Excel-Addin Turkey Map with the corresponding administration level (province or district Map).
For individual solutions, please contact your maps4office team.

In order to use all the functions of Addin-Map in Excel, you need to activate the macro functions in Microsoft MS Excel (or PowerPoint). A Short tutorial to enable or activating macros for MS Office – you will find on: Enable macros for MS Office.

If you know your administration name (e.g. from your CRM-System, Qlikview, MS Navision or other BI-System), you can promptly select your data range and import all data into the Turkey-Wizard-Map.

If you want to create a completely new Excel Turkey Map with no labels or captions, click on the Ribbon “List”. The Excel-Addin create a new Sheet with Administration-ID, Administration Name and/or Postcode Areas. On the next column, you can enter your own Values.

Select your Province-ID (or District, Region ID), Labels and own Values (Sales or CRM-Values) and start the Wizard with the “Generate” Button.

excel province map turkey select range values, excel il haritası türkiye aralığı değerlerini seçmek

Select Range (e.g. Province ID, Labels and own Values) to start the Wizard

On the next step select no values, no illustration – and don’t select “free text” and “area names” – than you have a Turkey map with no labels in your Excel-Sheet.

excel turkey map app wizard set color ramp,heatmap, excel türkiye haritası uygulaması sihirbazı set renk rampası, ısı haritası

select your colorramp type or heatmap and display your own values or labels