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Finland Map Europe for SVG, PowerPoint and Sales territories

Finland is one of the world’s northernmost countries and is the Lake-Land in Europe with more than 160.000 Lakes.

The population of Finland is currently round about 5.5 million inhabitants and for the Area-Size similar like Germany.

The country is bordered to Norway, Sweden and Russia

Finland Map Europe - Regions, NUTS and location

Finland Regions

For Sales territories and marketing, Maps4Office support different Map-Types of Finland.

A: Administrative Maps of Finland

Finland is divided into 19 regions (Finnish maakunta, Swedish landskap), 70 Sub-Regions (Finnish seutukunta, Swedish ekonomisk region) and into 311 Municipalities.

Finland Map Regions, Sub-Regions, editable Vector Map

Finland Map Regions, Sub-Regions, editable Vector Map

Finland Map PowerPoint, editable and labeling

Finland Map PowerPoint Slides, editable Vector Map

Finland Map PowerPoint Slides, Vector Map

The Finland PowerPoint Map is labeling in US / UK. You can delete the Labels or you can change it.

  • Uusimaa, Nyland
  • Varsinais-Suomi, Egentliga Finland
  • Central Ostrobothnia, Keski-Pohjanmaa, Mellersta Österbotten
  • Satakunta,
  • Kanta-Häme,  Egentliga Tavastland
  • Pirkanmaa, Birkaland
  • Päijät-Häme, , Päijänne-Tavastland
  • Kymenlaakso, , Kymmenedalen
  • South Karelia, Etelä-Karjala, Södra Karelen
  • Etelä-Savo, Södra Savolax
  • Pohjois-Savo, Norra Savolax
  • North Karelia, Pohjois-Karjala, Norra Karelen
  • Central Finland, Keski-Suomi, Mellersta Finland
  • South Ostrobothnia, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Södra Österbotten
  • Ostrobothnia, Pohjanmaa, Österbotten
  • North Ostrobothnia, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Norra Österbotten
  • Kainuu, Kajanaland
  • Lapland, Lappi, Lappland
  • Åland, Ahvenanmaa, Åland

B: Postcode Areas of Finland

The Postcodes in Finland have five digits. The first two designate the municipality (or group of municipalities) and the following two the district or village.

An interesting postcode number is 99999 and is designated to Korvatunturi, where Santa Claus is said to live.

For Sales territories use the 2-digit Postcode Map of Finland. Use this map to color sales Regions for your Presentations.

Finland Map Europe - Postcode areas PowerPoint Presentation, editable

Finland Map Europe – Postcode areas PowerPoint Presentation, editable

Description of the Postcode Areas in Finland

00-02 Greater Helsinki

03-10 Rest of the Uusimaa region

11-19 eastern Tavastia

20-29 south-western Finland

30-39 western Tavastia

40-49 Central Finland and Kymenlaakso

50-59 south-eastern Finland

60-69 Ostrobothnia

70-79 Northern Savonia

80-89 eastern Finland and Ylivieska

90-99 northern Finland

More detail and the Postcodes you will find here

Finland-Map with Roads

If you need the Highways, Roads and Streetmap of Finland, please contact us. We support gpx, osm, kml, svg and esri shapes

Preview: Blank Map of Finland, only with Highways and Prim. Roads

Finland Map Europe with Highways, Roads

Finland Map with Highways, Roads

Other formats for Finland

For other formats or boundary Maps, POIs of Finland in KML file, Esri Shp, geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us.

For customizing your CRM Database-System, modifying your KPI-System or programming for MS Access, Excel add-ons please contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.

Example: Finland Map EPS, SVG

Finland Map Europe - Postcode Map for SVG, AI, EPS

Finland Map Europe – Postcode Map for SVG, AI, EPS

Example – MS Access database for Finland for CRM systems in Europe with 2digits Postcode Areas

Finland Map Postcode 2 digits in Europe

Finland Map Postcode 2 digits in Europe