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Visualizations of business figures are only meaningful if they are easy to read, uniform and consistent.
We are a GIS Consulting Company in Germany with over 30 years expertise in KPI- and TOP-Managment-Reporting Systems, Research Data & GIS analytics for BI-Systems.

Some of our clients for GIS Consulting

Public institutions and authorities

GIS Consulting for public institutions, authorities, universities and colleges

Some Companies

GIS Consulting Consulting for companies and companies - CRM, ETL, marketing and sales management

What we understand for GIS Consulting:

Automated Reports

  • Persuade your Business Reports with Maps and Charts automatically. Regardless of which system you work – Maps4Office helps you to create professionalize reports and business charts.
  • The decisive factor is the automated data transfer from the data sources in the reports and charts. Aggregate for the automated generation of reports and we consolidate your data from your CRM, ERP system (e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle) and your SQL database systems (e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL).

The recipient

  • Shareholder, Executives and decision-makers have high demands on individual business reports.
  • We help you to find and develop extensive role-rights concept to assign appropriate process responsibilities.
  • For instance – Shareholder want to see EMEA regions, Leaders County-Values and Sales and Marketing-Manager Postcode Area Values.
  • Maps4Office helps you to customize your sales territory potential, corporate performance indicators and reviews site individually.

Protect your company data

  • Businesses and governments are required to protect sensitive data.
  • Maps4Office helps you to protect your KPI-Values. We create solutions to work with offline Maps – you don’t need Web-based applications like Google Maps or Bing-Maps to publish you values.
  • It’s not surprising that the top clients are institutions and companies from the financial sector (banks, investment companies, insurance companies) and the public sector.

You want individual solutions?
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For customizing your CRM or GIS-Database-System, programming SQL-Scripts for MS Access, MSSQL, ORACLE oder Power BI-System, please contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.