Indonesia Map Population

Indonesia Map population – PowerPoint Presentation

Indonesia is the largest island country in the world, with more than 15.000 islands. Indonesia has an estimated population of over 260 million people and is the world’s fourth most populous country.

Compare Indonesia Map by population density with Mercator or Anamorphic Projection type by province (Administration Level 2). The data source is from Biro Pusat Statistik (

Indonesia Map Population – Heatmap, Mercator

Indonesia Map population density - PowerPoint Presentation IDN Province Propinsi heatmap

Indonesia Map Population – Heatmap, Anamorphic

Indonesia Population Density Anamorphic Map PowerPoint

The map on the top shows the classic Indonesia (ISO: IDN) map with provinces in Mercator projection-types, calculated by the area per population density and as a “heat map”. The next one – anamorphic map of IDN with 33 provinces. The color ramp (“heat map”) moves from (green = min, red = max values per population).

The total population in Indonesia  2015: 252.124.458 (est. values)

Maps4Office clients can use following table to create this Heatmap (only classic projection)  for the simple PowerPoint or other editable Map types:

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Data-Source – Population values

(sort by population and province)

Type Type (engl.) Provinsi HASC-ID administrative center Population
Propinsi Province Jawa Barat ID.JR Bandung                  46.300.543
Propinsi Province Jawa Timur ID.JI Surabaya                  38.529.481
Propinsi Province Jawa Tengah ID.JT Semarang                  32.779.832
Propinsi Province Sumatera Utara ID.SU Medan                  13.527.937
Propinsi Province Banten ID.BT Serang                  11.834.087
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Special district DKI Jakarta ID.JK Jakarta                  10.135.030
Propinsi Province Sulawesi Selatan ID.SE Makassar                    8.395.747
Propinsi Province Sumatera Selatan ID.SL Palembang                    7.996.535
Propinsi Province Lampung ID.LA Bandar Lampung                    7.972.246
Propinsi Province Riau ID.RI Pekanbaru                    6.358.636
Propinsi Province Sumatera Barat ID.SB Padang                    5.098.790
Propinsi Province Nusa Tenggara Timur ID.NT Kupang                    5.070.746
Propinsi Autonomous Province Aceh ID.AC Banda Aceh                    4.731.705
Propinsi Province Nusa Tenggara Barat ID.NB Mataram                    4.702.389
Propinsi Province Kalimantan Barat ID.KB Pontianak                    4.546.439
Propinsi Province Bali ID.BA Denpasar                    4.225.384
Propinsi Province Kalimantan Timur ID.KI Samarinda                    4.115.741
Propinsi Province Kalimantan Selatan ID.KS Banjarmasin                    3.913.908
Daerah Istimewa Special region DI Yogyakarta ID.YO Yogyakarta                    3.594.290
Propinsi Province Papua ID.PA Jayapura                    3.486.432
Propinsi Province Jambi ID.JA Jambi                    3.412.459
Propinsi Province Sulawesi Tengah ID.ST Palu                    2.839.290
Propinsi Province Sulawesi Tenggara ID.SG Kendari                    2.417.962
Propinsi Province Sulawesi Utara ID.SW Menado                    2.382.941
Propinsi Province Kalimantan Tengah ID.KT Palangkaraya                    2.368.654
Propinsi Province Kepulauan Riau ID.KR Tanjungpinang                    2.031.895
Propinsi Province Bengkulu ID.BE Bengkulu                    1.828.291
Propinsi Province Maluku ID.MA Ambon                    1.708.190
Propinsi Province Kepulauan Bangka Belitung ID.BB Pangkal Pinang                    1.380.762
Propinsi Province Sulawesi Barat ID.SR Mamuju                    1.284.620
Propinsi Province Maluku Utara ID.LA Sofifi/Ternate                    1.141.561
Propinsi Province Gorontalo ID.GO Gorontalo                    1.134.498
Propinsi Province Papua Barat ID.IB Manokwari                        877.437


Data Validation and Anamorphic Map: stallwanger (

Data-Source: Biro Pusat (