Postal codes Map Belgium 4-digits

Postal codes Map Belgium 4-digits boundary (ZIP-Code Map, NPA-Map)

The Postal codes in Belgium (Europe) are numeric and consist of 4 numbers. Maps4Office has updated and modified the Postcode Map of Belgium (4-digits). This digital Postcode Area Map is now available for different Formats (e.g. Illustrator, QlikView, MS Access VBA, Bi-Systems, MS PowerPoint or MS Excel).

Location of Belgium in Europe

location of Belgium in Europe - Vector Map Europe Belgium


Link to Maps

PowerPoint Map Belgium – 4-digits boundary Map

PowerPoint Map Belgium – 2-digits boundary Map

AI-EPS-SVG Map Belgium – 4-digits



Preview Map – Belgium 4-digits (Group Color by two digits)

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Postal codes Map Belgium 4-digits (editable Vector-Shape)

The Postal codes Map of Belium contains over 1100 boundary-shapes in the digital map collection. Depending on the customer’s request and with a specific algorithm, the file size can be reduced.

The Shapes (postcode areas) are all numbered and sorted (ascending), to select and recolor or modify the postcode-shapes. Maps4Office customers can directly select and work with the layers and without labels on the map. The projection-type corresponds to the classical Mercator projection. For other Types (Projections, File-Format or BI-Systems) please contact us.


Preview SVG, AI, EPS-Map (Belgium 4-digits Postcode Map)

With no labels, but with layer-names for Adobe Illustrator.

be Belgium postcode map four digits Vector AI EPS SVG, be Belgique code postal carte quatre chiffres Vector

Belgium postcode map four digits – SVG, AI, EPS – Vectormap


Preview Excel-Heatmap (Belgium 4-digits Postcode Map)

Use the Excel-Addin Map to create Heatmaps with your own data (excel-template / sheet) for KPI-Reporting and Dashboards.

Excel add-in Heatmap Belgium 4-digits Postcode-Map


Excel Map Belgium Postcode Area Map ZIP Code Map 4 digits, NPA Belgium postal code

Excel-Addin Map Belgium– 4-digits (on request)



Other interesting Postcode-Numbers in Belgium

Code postal        Localité

1005      Assemblée Réunie de la Commission Communautaire

1006      Raad van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie

1007      Assemblée de la Commission Communautaire Française

1008      Chambre des Représentants

1009      Senat de Belgique

1011      Vlaams parlement

1012      Parlement de la Communauté française

1031      Organisations Sociales Chrétiennes

1033      RTL-TVI

1035      Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles Capitale

1041      International Press Center

1043      VRT

1044      RTBF

1046      European External Action Service

1047      Parlement Européen

1048      Union Européenne – Conseil

1049      Union Européenne – Commission

1099      Bruxelles X

1100      Postcheque

1101      Scanning

1105      SOC

1110      OTAN

1212      SPF Mobilité

1733      HighCo DATA

1804      Cargovil

1818      VTM

1931      Brucargo

1934      Office Exchange Brussels Airport Remailing

1935      Corporate Village

2075      CSM Antwerpen X

2099      Antwerpen x

4075      CSM Liege X

4099      Liège X

5010      SA SudPresse

5012      Parlement Wallon

5589      Jemelle

6075      CSM Charleroi X

6099      Charleroi X

0612      Saint-Nicolas

7010      SHAPE

7510      3 Suisses

7511      Vitrine Magique

7512      Yves Rocher

7513      Yves Rocher

9075      CSM Gent X

9099      Gent X


If you want to create your Own Map for your Management-Reporting, please describe us what do you need.

We support different Postcode Maps of Belgium:

  • Editable PowerPoint Map
  • Excel Addin Map
  • Shape (ESRI) Format
  • BI-Systems, like Qlik View, Navision
  • KML Format
  • SVG, AI, EPS Format