Postcode Map Norway Oslo

Postcode Map Norway Oslo

For a Client-Project, Maps4Office create the postcode map of Norway (in Europe) as PowerPoint vector template – as well as Excel-map in the typical Norwegian projection type ETRS 1989 UTM Zone 33N.
The Norwegian postcodes (NO: Norges postnumre, Postområde) are four digit-codes, like the states of Switzerland (4-digit postcode system), Austria or the Netherlands.

Preview: Postcode Map (ZIP-code Map) of Norway with 4-digits

Postcode Map Norway Oslo, boundary areas, shapes, 4-digits postal code map, Postnummer kart Norge Oslo

Postcode Areas Norway (4-digits) – Postnummer kart Norge

In Norway are 3,300 postcodes numbers. The first two numbers (2digits) indicates the geographic location (see table) and used to color Sales  Territories and CRM Systems.

Oslo is the capital city and the most populous city in Norway. The capital city and the surrounding metropolitan area, with more than 1.9 million people (equivalent to approximately 1/3 of the total population of Norway) has the largest proportion of postcode numbers – 450 (count of postcode numbers or shapes).

So for the Client Project we create a separate OSLO Add-in Postcode Map for KPI-Dashboards.


Preview – Excel Map Norway (Postcode areas with no labels)

Excel Postcode Map Oslo, with no labels, four digit postcode areas, boundary shapes

Excel Map – Oslo, 4-digit Postcode areas for KPI-Dashboards, Sales-Map


Preview Excel-Addin Map 4-digits Postcode Areas

Excel-Addin Map of Norway with four digits Postcode Map. Target of this Study was to color the Postcode areas of Norway with sales or KPI-values directly in the Excel-Sheet – create a heatmap – and export the Postcode Map to PowerPoint Slides

Preview: Postcode Map Norway Oslo

Excel Addin Norway PC Postcode boundary Map 4 digits, Excel I Norge PC postnummer grensen kart 4 siffer



Preview: Incl. Labels – Oslo Postcode-Map

OSLO Postcode districts, areas, 4-digits, ZIP-Code Map, Postal areas coloring, OSLO postnummer distrikter, områder, fire-siffer, ZIP-kode Kart, Post områder fargelegging

Postcode Map Oslo – 4-digits (incl. Labels)


List of geographical classification of Norway with 2-digit postcode areas

  • 00-12 Oslo
  • 13-14 Akershus
  • 15-18 Østfold
  • 19-21 Akershus
  • 21-25 Hedmark
  • 26-29 Oppland
  • 30 Buskerud
  • 30-32 Vestfold
  • 33-36 Buskerud
  • 36-39 Tele
  • 40-44 Rogaland
  • 44-47 West – Agder
  • 47-49 Aust-Agder
  • 50-55 Hordaland
  • 55 Rogaland
  • 56-57 Hordaland
  • 57 Sogn og Fjordane
  • 58-59 Hordaland
  • 59 Sogn og Fjordane
  • 60-66 og Romsdal
  • 67-69 Sogn og Fjordane
  • 70-71 Süd Trondelag
  • 71 Nord-Trondelag
  • 72-75 Süd Trondelag
  • 75-77 Nord-Trondelag
  • 77 Süd Trondelag
  • 78-79 Nord-Trondelag
  • 79-89 Nordland
  • 84 Nordland und Troms
  • 8099 Jan Mayen
  • 90-94 Troms
  • 917 Svalbard
  • 94 Troms und Nordland
  • 95-99 Finn



Other formats for the Postcode Map of Norway or Oslo

For other formats or boundary Maps in KML file, Esri Shp, geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us.

For customizing your CRM Database-System, modifying your KPI-System or programming for MS Access, Excel add-ons please contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.