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Our PowerPoint maps offer a whole range for your presentation!

Discover the functional CityMarker with macro functions that automate your Excel data onto PowerPoint maps. So you can display your values for individual cities and also the underlying levels such as states or zip code areas by color in accordance with the existing values. Perfect for sales and controlling!

We love Maps – custom maps on request…

USA Colorado Population Map County Heatmap

PowerPoint Anamorphic Maps, Outline Maps and more

Excel and PowerPoint Maps (coloring by Excel-Data) – Export Vector-Map to PowerPoint Slides

Excel Mapa Mexico Mexihco Mexique editable Municipalities coloring cells range

Excel and PowerPoint – Maps

Export to PowerPoint

coloring brasil map with excel data - export vector shapes to powerpoint

Example – Export Map to PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Postcode Map - 4digits, 5-digits for Sales

PowerPoint Postcode Map: 4-digits, 5-digits for Sales

States Map for PowerPoint (boundary shapes)

States Map for PowerPoint (boundary shapes)

Choose our PowerPoint maps for the film set of a state. In addition to the country borders you also have the forms of subordinate administrative regions – for example, for Germany the individual German states.

Should you want more, we provide you extensive sets of slides of transnational maps. These include maps of the world – the WorldMapGenerator product family is especially popular, its macro function colors the states based on your Excel data – sets of maps of the continents (including slides of the associated countries and other geographical forms such as rivers and lakes) and sets of maps of important regions such as the Middle East or the German D-A-CH region consisting of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

All of our maps are embedded in PowerPoint high-quality vector graphics and can therefore be enlarged or reduce (scaled) without loss of quality . You can grab and edit each form element separately and to your liking. The elements are not copied, but precisely rendered, and correspond accordingly to the geographical conditions.

Talk about making an impression!

Image Source: stallwanger IT.