CityMarker PowerPoint maps generated from Excel data

CityMarker – Cities and regions mark from Excel data

With the CityMarker series products you get powerful tools for your business . The included macro function displays your Excel data to the corresponding map in no time. The places from your Excel data is transferred to the maps and scaled on the basis of their values to make them comparable. Here, an intelligent algorithm ensureshigh precision in the correct geographical representation of your location points . At the same time you can also color the underlying surfaces such as states or postcode areas based on your Excel data and thus produce significant heat maps to illustrate some focus of your activities on a geographical level. You may want to also reveal untapped potential or visualize an entire SWOT analysis – ideal for analysis in sales and controlling as well as extensive market analysis.

Like all of our PowerPoint maps, the CityMarker is, of course, also distinguished through high quality vector graphics embedded in PowerPoint from which you can enlarge or reduce the size (scale) without loss of quality. You can grab each form element separately and edit it to your liking. The elements are not copied, but precisely rendered, and thus correspond to the geographical conditions.

See the benefits of the CityMarker for yourself:

  • Take your corporate data to a geographical level and in this way make your business presentation more vivid than ever before.
  • Generate heat maps and clarify both focus and potential of your business activities.
  • Take advantage of the extensive on-board tools that PowerPoint provides you with: Edit each map element separately or adjust the map completely to your presentation or your corporate design.
  • Stay offline! All spatial data are accessed directly in the CityMarker, a connection to the internet is therefore not required and your sensitive company data remain where it is.
  • Get results quickly! After a very short adjustment period you’ll get your desired results – all without expensive training.

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