Austria Citymarker for PowerPoint

CityMarker for Austria: Generate PowerPoint maps from Excel data

Austria Citymarker PowerPoint: Create PowerPoint maps from Excel data.

Austria Citymarker for PowerPoint Presentations - coloring by excel sheet and data

Fill Austria ZIP-Code Map or State Map with Excel data, colorize and create Heatmaps with the CityMarker for Austria. The CityMarker Solution Family helps you to create PowerPoint Slides especially for Sales and Marketing-Reporting in Austria (Europe).

With the products of our CityMarker series for Austria you can create professional reports and presentations, KPIs and dashboards for your company or sales department. The included macro function visualizes your Excel data on a map of Austria in PowerPoint. The locations are transferred from your Excel data to the map and, if necessary, scaled based on the associated values to make them comparable. An intelligent algorithm guarantees maximum precision in the correct geographical representation of your location points. At the same time, you can also have the underlying areas, such as federal states, districts or postcode areas, colored based on your Excel data and thus generate meaningful Austria heatmaps in order to clarify areas of focus of your activities on a geographic level. You may also want to show unused potential or visualize an entire SWOT analysis – ideal for analyzes in sales and controlling as well as for extensive market analyzes.

Sales and marketing areas in Austria have been coloring our specialty for over 30 years. Depending on the map application, CRM and BI system, Maps4Office offers zip code maps (AT) or administrative maps of Austria (e.g. Districts, Nielson Regions, 3D Maps, different postcode Levels).

If your Topic is to prepare your GIS-System, business intelligent Dashboards (MSSQL, ORACLE), we are happy to support you – contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.