Cross-Border Maps for PowerPoint

Cross-Border Maps – Make yourself known internationally!

Cross-Border Maps for PowerPoint Slides. With the comprehensive maps in PowerPoint you can have a single or multiple countries grouped as a vector format. The premium Vector maps are ideal if you want to embed certain regions of your business reports or presentations. Through the classic PowerPoint functions you can edit any country or region with your own custom colors (CI design) – for example colorize, resize or accumulate certain PowerPoint effects such as “Shadow”, “mirroring”.

Preview PowerPoint Map – 2digit Postcode boundary Map

Europe Postcoce Map all states 2-digits Vector - PowerPoint PPT template

PowerPoint Vector Shapes

All our maps are embedded in PowerPoint high-quality vector graphics and can therefore be enlarged or reduced (scaled) without loss of quality. You can grab each form element separately and edit it to your liking. The elements are not copied, but precisely rendered, and thus correspond to the geographical conditions.

Preview: PowerPoint EMEA Map for PPT Presentations

EMEA Worldmap - Region Country , EMEA Worldmap Region PowerPoint, PPT Map EMEA

Cross-Border Maps – EMEA example

Maps with and without labeling

The maps in PowerPoint are available with and without labels. These labels can be revised later. Using the typical text features in PowerPoint, you can add or rename captions. The designation of countries or regions can thus be, for example in different languages such as English or French – ideal for international presentations or business partners who prefer the standard language English or their own language. You can also remove all labels to embed a map without labels in your presentation.

Source Image: stallwanger IT