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Continents – International PowerPoint vector maps

Enhance your presentations with high-quality maps! If you want to visualize international contexts, which are limited or compressed to a continent, access our continental film sets. All map elements are contained in the usual high quality vector graphics in PowerPoint as AutoShapes. These can be individually handled and processed and can also be, for example, colorized differently. Due to the high quality vector graphics you will have no loss of quality when scaling (enlarging or reducing size).

The WMG Europe is our popular World Map Generator at the European level: Visualize your Excel data and let it automatically color the countries of the Europe WMG using it! Create meaningful heatmaps, represent your company’s performance in different countries or highlight untapped potential.

Are you looking transnational maps of certain regions rather than entire continents, Tripoint Maps? Take a look at our Map Category: Country Overlapping-Maps – Regions