PowerPoint Worldmap generator

PowerPoint Worldmap generator for PPT Presentations

Use our PowerPoint world map for visualizing your data on a world level and realize such sophisticated presentations and reports!

With the standard tools of MS Office PowerPoint, you can make a simple PowerPoint world map according to your individual requirements. Select the country vector shapes by, for example, international measurement values such as sales figures, size of target groups, international activities (investor / shareholder), or other areas of interest.

In addition to the simple world map in vector Shape Format the products from of Worldmap Generator Family provide additional, convenient functionality. You prepare your data into an Excel template that you can easily load into the PowerPoint world map generator. With a few clicks you can configure, the output characteristics such as markers, labels, logos, etc. – you do not even need to work on the graphics of the map, this is done by the generator for you. Ideal for management decisions on an international level.

Features of the Worldmap generator at a glance:

  • All countries are available in Vector Shape format
  • The map is exactly rendered by GIS data
  • The read Excel data is displayed automatically (macro) on the map.
  • Only a few clicks are needed for variable output characteristics, such as displaying different markers or Harvey Balls, output of data, marking of cities, integration of the company logo.

Source Pic: stallwanger IT.