Excel Map Germany (DE)


Excel Map Germany: Use Excel Germany-Map to view your clients / customers or business activities for controlling and planning – using excel-chart object.

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Excel-Chart-Germany Map

Use Excel Map to view your clients / customers or business activities for controlling and planning in a Germany excel-chart object.

Use Excel-Map as Geomarketing. Determine where the customers are on country or cities. Visualize any data in a geographic context by linking it to a digital map. Select customers within specific areas.

Check locations of new potential, overview of entire market and close-up of specific areas. Use Excel-Map as an effective management and controlling tool.

Save Money, Time and discover new potential for your business

No Macro,  easy to select or to set cities into your Excel-Chart.



  • For all MS Excel Versions (Excel 2003 – Excel 2013) and Link your Excel-Map into your PPT-Slide
  • no Macro
  • Protect your Data – No additional software or plugin or addin (e.g. Google-Map, Bing-Map …)
  • No  Internet Connection
  • Location data for other applications (eg MS Access or other database systems or applications)
  • Supplied with 25 locations are set. Other places you can complement with the classic Excel addseries function for charts.


Easy Data Entry

Enter your desired postcodes (zip code) number into the sample xls-cell. Locations and coordinates are automatically linked and transfer your Excel chart.

xls-MAP Germany (DE) - germany excel chart


Product:  xls-MAP Germany (DE)

The download file (zip file) contains the administration map of Germany as an Excel-Chart-Object.

  • Compatible with Excel 2003 – Excel 2013
  • View by Regions (Admin Level 1 = States) outline map as an Excel chart
  • Zip codes and cities already converted (over 16,400 locations)
  • If you need Help or Support – 150,- EUR


All Data-Serials with region names…

xls-MAP Germany (DE) - excel map germany states

Add your own location into the excel template. You can convert your own points and addition cities with axis transformation by using the WGS84 geodetic reference system.