Excel USA map chart


Use Excel USA-Chart-Map to view your clients / customers or business activities for controlling and planning  – using excel-chart object with no macros or addins

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Use Excel Map to view your clients / customers or business activities for controlling and planning in an USA (United States of America) excel-chart object.


— IS NOT the EXCEL-ADD-IN solution —



Use Excel-Map as GIS-Marketing. Determine where the customers are on country or cities. Visualize any data in a geographic context by linking it to a digital map. Select customers within specific areas.

Check locations of new potential, overview of entire market and close-up of specific areas. Use Excel-Map as an effective management and controlling tool.

Save Money, Time and discover new potential for your business


  • For all MS Excel Versions (Excel 2003 – Excel 2016) and Link your Excel-Map into your PPT-Slide
  • no Macro
  • Protect your Data – No additional software or plugin or addin (e.g. Google-Map, Bing-Map …)
  • No  Internet Connection
  • Location data for other applications (eg MS Access or other database systems or applications)
  • Depending on the version of Excel up to 200 points (location) are entered simultaneously. For more Points use CityMarker-USA
  • Supplied with 25 locations are set. Other places you can complement with the classic Excel addseries function for charts.


Easy Data Entry

Enter your desired City-Name or ZIP-Code-ID (postal codes)  into the sample xls-cell (area). Locations and coordinates are automatically linked and transfer your Excel chart.

Excel Map USA - enter locations, places, city by name or zip-code into excel - excel adress data to usa map

Excel USA map chart

Product: Excel US map chart

The download file (zip file) contains the administration map of USA  as an Excel-Chart-Object.

  • Compatible with Excel 2003 – Excel 2013 – no macros or VBA-Code
  • View by federated state outline map as an Excel chart incl. Alaska and Hawaii
  • cities already converted for your Excel-Chart  (incl. over 43.600  locations / places in the USA)



All Data-Serials incl. federated state-names…

xls-MAP USA (US): USA Map set points to a map excel


Excel Heatmap solutions on request

Create Heatmaps, color ramps for KPI-Dashboards in your Worksheet. Use the Maps4Office Framework Addin template to protect your company data, work offline and create powerful heatmaps with own values.

Preview Excel-Addin Map US-County (Administration Level 2)

excel usa map states counties heatmap, Mapa de Excel EE.UU. afirma rampa condados de color

USA Heatmap by counties – group color by states