GanttChart Generator for PowerPoint


GanttChart Generator for PowerPoint Presentations, Timeline Chart for PPT Presentation use Excel-Data to create GanttCharts for Projects

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GanttChart Generator for PowerPoint

GanttChart Generator 7.0

Using our GanttChart Generator you can create Gantt-Diagrams from your excel files at just the click of a button.

Gantt diagrams have asserted themselves as an excellent presentation tool in numerous areas of project planning and implementation.

To create extensive presentations of this nature with other programs costs a great deal of time and effort.

GanttChart PowerPoint template, use Excel-Data to create timelines, milestones per VBA Macros

The Difference with the Ganttchart Generator:

You can edit, manage and maintain data directly in the predetermined excel table and are easily able at any time to produce a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of the planning status of your project.
In addition you can add as much as four rows to the structure of your excel file for your individual features.
The design of the Gantt-Diagram will be controlled by the excel table and remain true to format so that it is very easy to adapt the color guidelines to your individual Company CI.
The GanttChart Generator also adopts the font and color from the excel template and transfers these at the same time to the PowerPoint Presentation.
The term of the project can easily be entered using the calendar feature (Date Picker), which enables you to clearly visualize the progress of the project at various intervals of the project schedule.
The font size is automatically adjusted to the size of the generated elements of the diagram.


GanttChart alige projects, timelines, connect projects in PPT slides for presentation New in Version 7.0

Add Line Connection:

Using the Add Line Connection the co-dependency of various tasks can be clearly visualized. If you change the length of the bars in the PowerPoint slide the connections remain and are automatically adapted.


The integrated Wizard allows you to revert to the Standard settings at any time enabling easy data entry.

PowerPoint template - use VBA Macro to import Excel-Data for Timelines, Events, Deadline for PPT Presentations


Microsoft Office 2007 – 2016 – (only 32bit System)

Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.
Office 64-Bit and MAC-Office only on request.

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