Treemap Generator PowerPoint


Treemap Generator for PowerPoint – Create own Treemaps, use Excel-Sheet and Data to create Heatmaps for TreeMaps

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Treemap Generator PowerPoint

Clear and Easy to understand – Treemap vs. PieChart for your Business-Presentation.


Unlike to pie charts, TreeMap graphs can be used for the visualization of hierarchical structures. In order to illustrate proportions are
represented by the area of the rectangles is proportional to the size of the selected data to be displayed unit.

This form of visualization has been mentioned in the early 1990s by Prof. Ben Schneiderman at the University of Maryland for the first time.
Due to lack of space on the hard drives of its servers, he was looking for a way to represent the largest space wasters in an intuitive and
concise manner.

In the finance sectors, tree maps are mainly used for visualization of different Index Rates. e.g. Dow Index or DAX-Index (Germany) and
the representation of the market capitalization of companies included in it.

Example Treemap vs. Pie-Chart.

 Treemap Generator PowerPoint - Create own Treemaps, use own Excel-Sheet and Data PIE Chart PowerPoint - versus Treemap Generator PowerPoint
Treemap Pie-Chart

In the Office products this chart type does not exist currently, so we decided to develop a TreeMap
generator to the data entry as easy as possible to edit ‐ that is, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet and
visualize later with the TreeMap generators in PowerPoint .
The TreeMap generators should not be understood as a full software solution but as a useful additional
tool that the laborious, manual insertion of shapes, rectangles, text elements and the calculations in
PowerPoint presentation automatically.