CityMarker DE three-digit postcode map


Rapidly design, develop, and manage PowerPoint Maps – use your own Excel Sheet and Data

Create the best Business Maps for PowerPoint Presentations – quite simply, using Excel Data.

In just three steps, you can transfer Excel-Adress-Data on a Germany 3-digit Postcode-Map (ZIP-Code Level 3) in PowerPoint.


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Preview – CityMarker DE – three-digit postcode map

CityMarker DE PowerPoint Presentation, coloring Map by Excel-Data – three-digit postcode mapThe CityMarker for Germany (CityMarker DE – three-digit postcode map)  is the intelligent PowerPoint tool for your business presentations.

In just three steps, you can transfer your Excel Data by ZIP-Codes (postal codes of germany) into the Germany 3digit postcode map in your  PowerPoint presentation (editable boundary shapes).

Easy to use and completely offline to edit – to protect your business data. Cities are based on zip codes automatically and accurately displayed on the map and PowerPoint formatted using your data.

CityMarker DE - PowerPoint Vector-Macro, Sales map, set points to map with excel-dataThe three-digit postcode-areas (ZIP3, e.g. 228…, 101…) can automatically inked, based on your data (sum or number) and a defined gradient of you – like a heatmap for powerpoint.

The one-digit postcode-areas (ZIP, e.g. 0…, 1…) are also included as forms/shapes.

All cities , postalcode areas and labels can be edited with the simple PowerPoint functions – thanks to the correct naming of forms.

CityMarker DE Postcode Map - PowerPoint VBA – three-digit postcode are map: plz codes level 3

Overview and functions

CityMarker DE – three-digit postcode map: Germany map with three-digit postalcode areas
as PowerPoint vector file


Product language – German


  • Sample Excel-files with:
    • Hotspots-distribution of the Telekom
    • suppliers
    • CityMarker DE PowerPoint Vector-Map, fill sales territory and region with Excel-Data, three-digit postcode map - excel location data by zipcodesemergency-pharmacies
    • TÜV-Nord sites
    • Natural gas fuel stations
    • International airports and passenger traffic
    • Hospitals and patient numbers
    • Provincial capitals and population figures
  • Individual markers can be placed (circle, square, triangle – with icons or images, for your company logo e.g.)
  • Determinable automated circuit size or company logo
  • With individual colors
  • Automatic color the provinces to Excel Numbers (Sum or Count)


PowerPoint Tool, CityMarker Germany Map - Sales Regions VBA Macro, Boundary Postcode-Map Coloring Postcode-Map of Germany with 3-digits by Excel-Data and PowerPoint Presentation VBA


Microsoft Office 2007 – 2016 – (only 32bit System)

Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016,

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.
Office 64-Bit and MAC-Office on request.