CityMarker CH Cantons PowerPoint


Create own Maps in PowerPoint. In just three steps, you can transfer Excel-Adress-Data on a CH map in PowerPoint.

For sophisticated geographical representations of your financial figures on a map of the switzerland by administration division (cantons)

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CityMarker CH Cantons PowerPoint


The CityMarker CH Cantons PowerPoint Map is a smart and powerful PowerPoint tool to transfer Excel data – based on the ZIP code number (Address-Data, KPI-Values and Labels) – automatically on an integrated Vector-Shape-Map for PowerPoint Presentations.

Prepare Management decisions faster than ever. In just three steps you can transfer your locations on a map of Swiss with Cantons (States) in PowerPoint (screenshots below).


CityMarker CH Cantons PowerPoint Presentation - excel data into switzerland powerpoint map ppt

Protect your data, work offline with clear KPI-Values by Regions and geographic Layers. Increase your Sales and Marketing Activities by Heat maps – use Points, Shapes and Labels from Excel Data-Source to increase your KPI-Dashboards in PowerPoint.

1. In Excel: prepare data according to the supplied sample files
2. In PowerPoint: Run Marco – CityMarker
3. Load Excel file and set the desired output options


The CityMarker Swiss Map States is suitable for business simulations – designed for sales and marketing presentations, potential analysis, CRM solutions or for your regional service center orientation. An intelligent algorithm ensures the highest precision in the geographical representation of your data and location points. Even large amounts of data can the CityMarker to be transferred to the Vector Map.


Use “The Golden Rule” and IBCS-Standards for Reporting:

Simple data structure in Excel + Digital Maps for PowerPoint + Your KPI Values = successful reports


Features at glance

Privacy – Protect your Data

Easy to use and totally offline – to protect your company data source. No Google-Map, Bing-Map or other web-based solutions or services.


Setting Locations – with postcode number or addresses from Excel Source

Cities and Points are displayed automatically and precisely on the basis of postal code numbers on the PowerPoint map and formatted according to your data (size and color ramp).

The Regions, Shapes and Areas can be automatically colored, depending on your data source (sum or number) and options.



Product features – CityMarker CH Cantons PowerPoint

  • Swiss Cantons Map as PowerPoint template – editable shapes for each cantons
  • Macro to transfer Excel Data into Map, colorize Shapes automatically (Count, Sum)
  • Set individual Markers by Types (Circle, Rectangle, Triangle or own Icons – e.g. Company Icons and Pictures)
  • Marker size by Excel-Values – dynamic of fixed size
  • Incl. Pins and Flag icons
  • Marker Colors – individual or by color ramp
  • Simple Redesign (CI-Conform) with classic PPT Functions
  • High display resolutions: Ideal for printing on large paper sizes or beamer presentations
  • Simple to use: No VBA or Programming skills required.
  • Security: No Bing-, Google or other web-based solutions
  • Compatible with MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 ( MS Office 32-bit System)
  • Operation Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • License: 1 Single User


Start with this Excel-Template to create powerful maps – easy to use for your own data

Excel postcode id, number xls-sheet to powerpoint presentation map of ch - swiss cantons map



Example Map for Reporting

create heatmaps by excel values, ranges – point size by zip code (postcode-id)

CityMarker CH – Cantons - create heatmap powerpoint presentation by excel data, address-data postcode



Use the Wizard – to set your Points by Excel-Values or to create Heatmaps

set to powerpoint - points, circle, images from excel sheet, import images to ppt


or create color ramp by excel values for each canton

color cantons automaticaly by excel data, range, cells, create color ramp excel range, cells