MENA Region Map PowerPoint


MENA Region Map for PowerPoint, editable regions, states, coloring and printing for Business Presentations and Reporting

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MENA Region Map PowerPoint for Presentations – Vector Map

MENA Region Map PowerPoint Slides for Controlling and Reporting

Professional MENA Map with Regions for PowerPoint Presentations and Reportings.

Editable MENA (acronym for “Middle East and North Africa”) Map with economic Regions, a regional designation used for government, marketing and business purposes. If you need the EMEA Region, check this PowerPoint set.

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MENA Region Map - countries, states in the world - vector map and member states

MENA Region Map PowerPoint Presentations, editable PPT template Shapes, Slides

The PowerPoint set of MENA with Regions is perfectly suited for the visualization of your business presentation, company reporting’s, sales and marketing activities, supporting territories, and many other data or features that you want to place at the center of your presentations or business reports. All of our maps, so the MENA Regions are exactly rendered to GIS data. This provides you with a professional, high quality and above all accurate PPT template. With classical PowerPoint features, you can easily redesign or edit this map for your business. Colorize individual shapes, place, points (City, Locations and Clients) or other labels, add charts and pictures and customize the design in your own corporate identity. Starting coloring or redesigning by ungrouping the Regions, States and shapes of theMENA Map. States and textboxes (labels) are grouped. After that, you have various options in PowerPoint to create powerful business slides and maps of MENA for your presentations.


MENA Map PowerPoint template

  • This set contains 8 PowerPoint slides of MENA with editable vector-shapes
  • All items are in freeform shapes. Rescale your MENA map without loss of quality
  • Shapes, labels, textboxes are individual editable, colorable and printable
  • The MENA maps are rendered exactly according to GIS data
  • Included are names of regions, neighboring countries and regions, but feel free to remove it.
  • Download PowerPoint Map of MENA as ZIP-File


If you use the “Color Worldmap Generator” for Excel, use following table for your KPI-Reporting in PowerPoint or Excel Sheet.

List of commonly included territories / countries and states

DZA Algeria ALGERIA Algeria Al Jaza’ir
BHR Bahrain BAHRAIN Bahrain Al Bahrayn
EGY Egypt EGYPT Egypt Misr
ISR Israel ISRAEL Israel Yisra’el
IRN Iran IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF Iran, Islamic Rep of Iran
IRQ Iraq IRAQ Iraq Iraq
JOR Jordan JORDAN Jordan Al Urdun
KWT Kuwait KUWAIT Kuwait Al Kuwayt
LBN Lebanon LEBANON Lebanon Lubnan
LBY Libya LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Libiyah
MAR Morocco MOROCCO Morocco Al Maghrib
OMN Oman OMAN Oman Saltanat Uman
PSE Palestina PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, OCCUPIED Palestine, Occupied Tr. Filastin
QAT Qatar QATAR Qatar Dawlat Qatar
SYR Syria SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Syrian Arab Republic Suriyah
TUN Tunisia TUNISIA Tunisia Tunis
ARE United Arab Emirates UNITED ARAB EMIRATES United Arab Emirates Al Imarat al Arabiyah al Muttahidah
YEM Yemen YEMEN Yemen Al Yaman
SAU Saudi Arabia SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabia Al Arabiyah as Suudiyah


Memberlist (not official) of MENA States

ARM Armenia ARMENIA Armenia Hayastan
AZE Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN Azerbaijan, Republic of Azarbaycan
CYP Cyprus CYPRUS Cyprus Kibris, Kypros
DJI Djibouti DJIBOUTI Djibouti Djibouti
MRT Mauritania MAURITANIA Mauritania Muritaniyah
SDN Sudan SUDAN Sudan As-Sudan
TUR Turkey TURKEY Turkey Turkiye
ESH Western Sahara WESTERN SAHARA Western Sahara Western Sahara
SOM Somalia SOMALIA Somalia Somalia


Other formats for the MENA Region Map

For other formats for the MENA Regions or boundary Maps in KML file, Esri Shp, geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us.

For customizing your CRM Database-System, Accouting-Systems for MENA, modifying your KPI-System please contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.