Arab League Map – States – جامعة الدول العربية


PowerPoint Business Slides – Arab League Map – for Business Presentations and Reporting, editable vector map, grey color and 3D Globe

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Arab League Map – States – جامعة الدول العربية

Professional Arab League Map with States for your PowerPoint Presentation.

PowerPoint Slides of the Arab League Map. PowerPoint Vector Map for your business, sales and marketing activities to visualize your regional activities or business activities in the region Arab League –  a regional organization of Arab countries in and around North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and Southwest Asia.

Easy to edit with the classic PowerPoint functions, e.g. editable, colorize, letter, number or highlight the boundary Shapes of the States of the the Arab League (جامعة الدول العربية).

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Arab League Map with States for PowerPoint

  • Editable Outline map of the Arab League Map by States (County)
  • Arab League Map with States by different 3d globe projections
  • For better orientation some Cities incl. in the LAS Map
  • Capital City for each member of the League of Arab States
  • Marine / ocean labels of arab league
  • 8 high quality premium slides incl. administrations county the Arab League Map – States
  • Download the Arab League Map as ZIP-File (PPT template)


States of the Arab League

Name of incl. States, (local Name) and Variable Names

  • Algeria – Africa (Al Jaza’ir)
  • Bahrain – Asia (Al Bahrayn)
  • Comoros – Africa (Comores) Anjouan
  • Djibouti – Africa (Djibouti) Afars and Issas, French Somaliland, Jibuti, Somali Coast
  • Egypt – Africa (Misr) United Arab Republic
  • Iraq – Asia (Iraq) Mesopotamia
  • Jordan – Asia (Al Urdun) Transjordan
  • Kuwait – Asia (Al Kuwayt)
  • Lebanon – Asia (Lubnan)
  • Libya – Africa (Libiyah) Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • Mauritania – Africa (Muritaniyah)
  • Morocco – Africa (Al Maghrib) Ifni, Rio de Oro, Tangier
  • Oman – Asia (Saltanat Uman) Muscat and Oman
  • Palestina – Asia (Filastin) Occupied Palestinian Territory, Palestinian Territory, Occupied, Israel
  • Qatar – Asia (Dawlat Qatar) Katar
  • Sudan – Africa (As-Sudan) Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
  • Syria – Asia (Suriyah) Syrian Arab Republic, Alaouites, United Arab Republic
  • Tunisia – Africa (Tunis)
  • United Arab Emirates – Asia (Al Imarat al Arabiyah al Muttahidah) Trucial Coast, Trucial Oman, Trucial States
  • Yemen – Asia (Al Yaman) Aden Protectorate, North Yemen, South Arabia, South Yemen
  • Saudi Arabia – Asia (Al Arabiyah as Suudiyah) Hejaz, Nejd
  • Somalia – Africa (Somalia) British Somaliland, Italian Somaliland, Oltre Giuba, Italian East Africa


Labels of the Arab League

The slide names, provinces and labels of the Arab League Map are in english Labels and names – feel free to rename the labels or remove it.


Other formats for the Arab League

For other formats or boundary Maps of the Arab League in KML file, Esri Shp, geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us.

For customizing your CRM Database-System of the Arab Regions, modifying your KPI-System or programming for MS Access, Excel add-ons please contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.