Color Worldmap Generator – PowerPoint


Recolor your countries, states and regions with the world map generator.

Use your own Excel template, workbook or sheets and values to colorizing your regions, sales territories and districts in excel and export the vector map to PowerPoint slides for presentations.

Product language:  US/UK.

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Worldmap Generator for PowerPoint, uses Excel

The Color-World Map Generator is an extremely efficient tool which allows you to edit and manage your data in an excel table and enables you to easily adapt and visualize the data in a PowerPoint Presentation and protect your data.


Use “The Golden Rule” and IBCS-Standards for Reporting:

Simple data structure in Excel + Digital Maps for PowerPoint + Your KPI Values = successful reports


Color Worldmap Generator - PowerPoint use Excel Data for Presentations, editable Vector-Map, Worldmap with no label, Mapa de PowerPoint para colorear utilizar datos de Excel para presentaciones, editable vector-mapa, mapa del mundo y sin etiqueta

Color Worldmap Generator – PowerPoint (English) – coloring PowerPoint worldmap, uses Excel to create the map and export it to PowerPoint


The Color Worldmap Generator – PowerPoint  is an efficient tool which allows you to edit and manage your data in an excel spreadsheet to be easily adapted in a visualized Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

World Map automatically colorize with iso countries in Excel, Mapa del Mundo colorear de forma automática con los países iso en Excel

World Map automatically colorize with iso countries in Excel – use the wizard, select cells and values


Use the wizard to find the best heatmap. Play with harveyballs, circles or icons to persuade your business report.

PowerPoint Heatmap, Color Worldmap Generator - PowerPoint (English) for Presentations, Mapa de riesgo de PowerPoint, World Color Map Generator - PowerPoint (Inglés) para presentaciones

Color Worldmap Generator for PowerPoint – add. features and options


Use GIS-data (LAT, LON-values)  to set own points.

excel worldmap for powerpoint, set gis data, points lat lon values, capital city world, carte du monde pour powerpoint, les données de gis ensemble, souligne les valeurs lat longues, monde de la capitale

Worldmap for powerpoint -use LAT and LON-values to set own points (e.g. capital cities of the the world)


Select LAT- and LON-values by Excel-(Cells-) values.

select range, cells, lat and lon values for the world map, seleccione valores de rango, las células, lat y lon para el mapa del mundo, valeurs plage, cellules, lat et LON sélectionnez pour la carte du monde

Select LAT, LON values


Editable worldmap for PowerPoint – use in PowerPoint the “selection pane” to find your state, harveyball or label to recolor, rename or edit your shape.

PowerPoint World Map Shape select and colorize country, Carte du monde Shape sélectionner et coloriser pays, Mapa del mundo en forma de seleccionar y colorear país

Select shapes, states and points – use in PowerPoint the “selection pane” to recolor your shape


Color Worldmap Generator – PowerPoint – Excel-Add-In

Features at glance
  • Protect your company data. No Google-Maps, Bing-Maps or other web-based solutions or services.
  • Excel World Map Shape (GIS – Geographical Information System )
  • Create powerful heatmaps or color ramps for PowerPoint presentations
  • Create harveyballs for top-managements, set points or use ISO flags
  • Insert your own text labels
  • Set capital city points and name – automatically
  • Create labels for heatmaps (horizontal, vertical or both)
  • Insert ISO names by different countries
  • US-Manual (PDF-File) incl.
  • Functions for export to PowerPoint
  • Download Excel worldmap add-in as zip file


Operation System:

Microsoft Office 2007 – 2019 (365) – for MAC Office not available

Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.



Worldmap Generator for PowerPoint – Excel-add-in tool for single user.

If you need 3 licenses, you get one license for free. Please enter into the order notes: “3 for 2” and you get the free licenses key in less then 24 hrs (Working days)

For more licenses please contact us.


Trail / Demo Version:

Not available

Look & Feel Video


Other formats for the World Map

For other formats or boundary maps of the World in KML file, Esri Shapefiel (shp), geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us.

For customizing your CRM database system or GIS system, modifying your KPI system or programming for MS Access, Excel add-ins please contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.