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PowerPoint eco Worldmap Regions – PPT tempalte –  editable PPT Vector Map for Business Presentations, Reporting and Controlling

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Regions Worldmap PowerPoint Map, editable Vector Map

Regions Worldmap PowerPoint Presentations PPT Vector template, Slides, Shapes

Premium starting-set for your business, sales and marketing activities to visualize your regional activities or business activities in the World – esp. for Reporting and Controlling – eco regions.

Preview Slides: Regions Worldmap PowerPoint

Regions Worldmap PowerPoint Presentations PPT Vector template, Slides, Shapes

Regions Worldmap PowerPoint Presentations PPT Vector template, Slides, Shapes

worldmap regions vector, editable vectormap ppt Power Point, states, continent

PPT Slides: Regions Worldmap PowerPoint

  • High quality premium slides – Regions Worldmap
  • Editable Outline map incl. Regions and label
  • Each  Regions  available in different Slides (for Zoom-Effect)
  • Diff. Projections-Type – Worldmap North and South Pole (Geographic and Hemisphere)
  • Projection-Types by Robinson, Mercator and WSG84
  • Accurate representation of the capital cities  – countries by political boundaries
  • Download Regions Worldmap PowerPoint Map as ZIP-File


21 high quality premium slides by Regions Worldmap as Freeform (Autoform / Vectorform )  – editable PowerPoint Shapes

List of Regions – Worldmap (eco. Regions for Business Reporting and Controlling)

Worldmap Regions
Asiatic Russia
Australia/New Zealand
Central America
Central Asia
Eastern Africa
Eastern Asia
Eastern Europe
European Russia
Middle Africa
Northern Africa
Northern America
Northern Europe
South America
Southeastern Asia
Southern Africa
Southern Asia
Southern Europe
Western Africa
Western Asia
Western Europe

Incl. Capital Cites – PowerPoint Presentations

Name Asciiname
Andorra la Vella Andorra la Vella
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi
Kabul Kabul
Saint John’s Saint John’s
The Valley The Valley
Tirana Tirana
Yerevan Yerevan
Luanda Luanda
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
Pago Pago Pago Pago
Vienna Vienna
Canberra Canberra
Oranjestad Oranjestad
Mariehamn Mariehamn
Baku Baku
Sarajevo Sarajevo
Bridgetown Bridgetown
Dhaka Dhaka
Brussels Brussels
Ouagadougou Ouagadougou
Sofia Sofia
Manama Manama
Bujumbura Bujumbura
Porto-Novo Porto-Novo
Gustavia Gustavia
Hamilton Hamilton
Bandar Seri Begawan Bandar Seri Begawan
Sucre Sucre
Brasília Brasilia
Nassau Nassau
Thimphu Thimphu
Gaborone Gaborone
Minsk Minsk
Belmopan Belmopan
Ottawa Ottawa
West Island West Island
Kinshasa Kinshasa
Bangui Bangui
Brazzaville Brazzaville
Bern Bern
Yamoussoukro Yamoussoukro
Avarua Avarua
Santiago Santiago
Yaoundé Yaounde
Beijing Beijing
Bogotá Bogota
Praia Praia
San José San Jose
Havana Havana
Willemstad Willemstad
Flying Fish Cove Flying Fish Cove
Nicosia Nicosia
Prague Prague
Berlin Berlin
Djibouti Djibouti
Copenhagen Copenhagen
Roseau Roseau
Santo Domingo Santo Domingo
Algiers Algiers
Quito Quito
Tallinn Tallinn
Cairo Cairo
Laâyoune / El Aaiún Laayoune / El Aaiun
Asmara Asmara
Madrid Madrid
Addis Ababa Addis Ababa
Helsinki Helsinki
Suva Suva
Stanley Stanley
Palikir – National Government Center Palikir – National Government Center
Tórshavn Torshavn
Paris Paris
Libreville Libreville
London London
Saint George’s Saint George’s
Tbilisi Tbilisi
Cayenne Cayenne
Saint Peter Port Saint Peter Port
Accra Accra
Gibraltar Gibraltar
Nuuk Nuuk
Banjul Banjul
Conakry Conakry
Basse-Terre Basse-Terre
Malabo Malabo
Athens Athens
Grytviken Grytviken
Guatemala City Guatemala City
Hagåtña Hagatna
Bissau Bissau
Georgetown Georgetown
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Tegucigalpa Tegucigalpa
Zagreb Zagreb
Port-au-Prince Port-au-Prince
Budapest Budapest
Jakarta Jakarta
Dublin Dublin
Douglas Douglas
New Delhi New Delhi
Baghdad Baghdad
Tehran Tehran
Reykjavík Reykjavik
Roma Roma
Saint Helier Saint Helier
Kingston Kingston
Amman Amman
Tokyo Tokyo
Nairobi Nairobi
Bishkek Bishkek
Phnom Penh Phnom Penh
Tarawa Tarawa
Moroni Moroni
Basseterre Basseterre
Pyongyang Pyongyang
Seoul Seoul
Kuwait City Kuwait City
George Town George Town
Astana Astana
Vientiane Vientiane
Beirut Beirut
Castries Castries
Vaduz Vaduz
Colombo Colombo
Monrovia Monrovia
Maseru Maseru
Vilnius Vilnius
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Riga Riga
Tripoli Tripoli
Rabat Rabat
Monaco Monaco
Chisinau Chisinau
Podgorica Podgorica
Marigot Marigot
Antananarivo Antananarivo
Majuro Majuro
Skopje Skopje
Bamako Bamako
Nay Pyi Taw Nay Pyi Taw
Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar
Macau Macau
Saipan Saipan
Fort-de-France Fort-de-France
Nouakchott Nouakchott
Plymouth Plymouth
Valletta Valletta
Port Louis Port Louis
Male Male
Lilongwe Lilongwe
Mexico City Mexico City
Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur
Maputo Maputo
Windhoek Windhoek
Nouméa Noumea
Niamey Niamey
Kingston Kingston
Abuja Abuja
Managua Managua
Amsterdam Amsterdam
Oslo Oslo
Kathmandu Kathmandu
Alofi Alofi
Wellington Wellington
Muscat Muscat
Panamá Panama
Lima Lima
Papeete Papeete
Port Moresby Port Moresby
Manila Manila
Islamabad Islamabad
Warsaw Warsaw
Saint-Pierre Saint-Pierre
Adamstown Adamstown
San Juan San Juan
Lisbon Lisbon
Melekeok Melekeok
Asunción Asuncion
Doha Doha
Saint-Denis Saint-Denis
Bucharest Bucharest
Belgrade Belgrade
Moscow Moscow
Kigali Kigali
Riyadh Riyadh
Honiara Honiara
Victoria Victoria
Khartoum Khartoum
Stockholm Stockholm
Singapore Singapore
Jamestown Jamestown
Ljubljana Ljubljana
Longyearbyen Longyearbyen
Bratislava Bratislava
Freetown Freetown
San Marino San Marino
Dakar Dakar
Mogadishu Mogadishu
Paramaribo Paramaribo
Juba Juba
São Tomé Sao Tome
San Salvador San Salvador
Philipsburg Philipsburg
Damascus Damascus
Mbabane Mbabane
Cockburn Town Cockburn Town
N’Djamena N’Djamena
Port-aux-Français Port-aux-Francais
Lomé Lome
Bangkok Bangkok
Dushanbe Dushanbe
Dili Dili
Ashgabat Ashgabat
Tunis Tunis
Nuku‘alofa Nuku`alofa
Ankara Ankara
Port-of-Spain Port-of-Spain
Funafuti Funafuti
Taipei Taipei
Dodoma Dodoma
Kiev Kiev
Kampala Kampala
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Montevideo Montevideo
Tashkent Tashkent
Vatican City Vatican City
Kingstown Kingstown
Caracas Caracas
Road Town Road Town
Charlotte Amalie Charlotte Amalie
Hà N?i Ha Noi
Port-Vila Port-Vila
Mata-Utu Mata-Utu
Apia Apia
Pristina Pristina
Sanaa Sanaa
Mamoudzou Mamoudzou
Pretoria Pretoria
Lusaka Lusaka
Harare Harare


Other formats for the Regions Worldmap

For other formats for the Regions Worldmap or boundary Maps in KML file, Esri Shp, geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us.

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