WMG Europe – PowerPoint (English)


Recolor your Countries with the world map generator families.
Easy to use – use your XLS-Data – Redesign by PowerPoint.

Product is in english.

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For coloring Excel values into an Excel Europe map Sheet / template – for controlling and international reporting.


Use “The Golden Rule” and IBCS-Standards for Reporting:

Simple data structure in Excel + Digital Maps for PowerPoint + Your KPI Values = successful reports


Use the Wizard:  WMG Europe Map for Excel and PowerPoint

WMG Europe - PowerPoint (English), color by Excel-Data and values

WMG Europe Map – for Excel and PowerPoint

Excel Map Europe – color counties  Automatically  – by your own values ..

Europe Map Excel template, vector map, coloring, Choropleth Map, with no labels

Europe Map Excel template with no label – incl. Harvey-Balls and Heatmap by Excel-Range (Cells-Values)

Save Time : Set Captial City – Europe – and or set  Harvey Balls into your Excel Europe Map  – only 1 click.

europe map capital city excel template, with no color

Europe map capital city – excel template, with no color and Harvey-Values for Dashboards

Set national flags for europe by checkbox

xls europa map, flag icons, symbol for europe, eu
Simple Excel-Sheet to color Excel-Europe-Map

Choropleth Europe Map by Excel-Data, select Range, Cells and create Heatmap

Choropleth Europe Map by Excel-Data – select Range, Cells and create powerful Heatmaps


Product: Excel Europe Map – Add-In

delivery includes:

  • Protect your Data – 100% no Web-Connection to Bing-Map,  Google-Map …
  • Excel Europe Map Shape (GIS – Geographical Information System )
  • Create Heatmaps, Color Ramps
  • Create Harveyballs, Points or set ISO Flags
  • Insert your own Text-Labels
  • Set Capital City Points and Name – automatically
  • Create Labels for Heat maps (Horizontal, Vertical or both)
  • Insert ISO Names by different countries
  • Manual (PDF –  US / UK ) incl.
  • Download Excel Europe Map Add-In as ZIP-File

Operation System:

Microsoft Office 2007 – 2016 – (only 32bit System)

Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016,

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.
Office 64-Bit and MAC-Office on request.




Europe Map Excel-Addin Tool for  single user .

For company or more license please contact us.

Trail / Demo Version:

Not available