Egypt Map Region PowerPoint


Professional maps of Egypt for PowerPoint – editable, vector map, coloring, printing vectormap for ppt presentations and reporting in africa incl. outline map, regions with no names and labels

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Egypt Map Region PowerPoint – set of 29 PPT vector slides:

  • Slide 1:  Egypt map vector,  country in the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia – colored by administrative divisions (regions, Muhafazah) and neighboring countries
  • Slide 2: Plain Egypt map outline – single vector-shapes
  • Slide 3: Plain Egypt map regions – administration divisions – as freeform-shape
  • Slide 4 – 29: Vector maps of single states (regions, Muhafazah) of  Egypt with cutouts of adjacent administrative divisions, districts, lake and neighboring states


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For sophisticated geographical representations of your financial figures on a map of  Egypt.

The PowerPoint set of Egypt map Region – is perfectly suited for the visualization of your business presentation, company reporting’s, sales and marketing activities, supporting territories, and many other data or features that you want to place at the center of your presentations or business reports. All of our maps – so the region of Egypt are exactly rendered to GIS data. This provides you with a professional, high quality and above all accurate PPT template. With classical PowerPoint tools and features, you can easily redesign or edit this map for your business. Colorize individual shapes, place, points (City, Locations and Clients) or other labels, add charts and pictures and customize the design in your own corporate identity. Starting coloring – redesigning by ungrouping the shapes. States and textboxes (labels) are grouped. After that, you have various options in PowerPoint to create powerful business slides and maps for your presentations.


Product features for Egypt Map region – as a PowerPoint template

  • This set contains 29 PowerPoint slides with vector-shapes
  • All items are in freeform shapes. Rescale your map – without loss of quality.
  • Shapes, labels, textboxes are individual editable,  colorable and printable
  • The maps are rendered exactly according to GIS data.
  • Included are names of regions, neighboring countries and region, but feel free to remove it.
  • Download PowerPoint Presentation Map as ZIP-File


List of Region, incl. PowerPoint Vector-Set

TYPE ENGTYPE NAME-Region Var-Name Region
Muhafazah Governorate Ad Daqahliyah Al Daqahliyah, Dacahlia, Dagahlia, Dakahlieh, Dakahliya, Dakalieh, Daqaliya, Dakahlia, Dekahlia
Muhafazah Governorate Al Bahr al Ahmar Mar Rojo, Mar Vermelho, Mer Rouge, Red Sea
Muhafazah Governorate Al Buhayrah Beheira, Behera, El Buhayra, Béhéra
Muhafazah Governorate Al Fayyum El Faiyum, el Fayoum, Faium, Faiyum, Fayum, Fayoum, Fayyum
Muhafazah Governorate Al Gharbiyah al-Garbiyah, El Gharbiya, Garbia, Gharbieh, Gharbiya, Gharbia
Muhafazah Governorate Al Iskandariyah Alejandr¡a, Alexandria, Alexandrie, El Iskandariya
Muhafazah Governorate Al Isma`iliyah As Ismailiyah, Ismailia, Ismaïlia, Isma’iliya
Muhafazah Governorate Al Jizah El Giza, El Gizah, Gizeh, Giza, Guizèh
Muhafazah Governorate Al Minufiyah Menoufieh, Menufia, Menufiya, Minufiya, Munufia, Menoufia, Minufia
Muhafazah Governorate Al Minya Minia, Minieh, Menia, Minya
Muhafazah Governorate Al Qahirah Cairo, El Cairo, El Qahira, Le Caire
Muhafazah Governorate Al Qalyubiyah Caliubia, Kalioubieh, Kalioubiya, Qaliyubia, Qalyubiya, Kalyoubia, Kalyubia
Muhafazah Governorate Al Wadi al Jadid Al Wadi/Al Jadid, El-Wadi El-Gidid, New Valley, Novo Vale, Ouadi El Guedid, Southern Desert
Muhafazah Governorate As Suways El Suweiz, Es Suweis, Suez
Muhafazah Governorate Ash Sharqiyah Charkieh, Sharqia, Sharqiya, Sharquia, Sharkia
Muhafazah Governorate Aswan Assouan, Assuã, Assuán, Syene
Muhafazah Governorate Asyut Asyiut, Assiout, Assiut, Assyut, Asyout
Muhafazah Governorate Bani Suwayf Beni Suwayf, Beni Souef, Beni Suef
Muhafazah Governorate Bur Sa`id Bur Said, Canal, Port Said, Port-Saïd
Muhafazah Governorate Dumyat Damietta, Damiette, Dumiat
Muhafazah Governorate Janub Sina’ Janub Sina, Sina al-Janubiyah, Sina’ al-Janubiyah, Sinai al Janubia, South Sinai, Sud Sinai
Muhafazah Governorate Kafr ash Shaykh Kafr-El-Sheikh, Kafr ash Shaikh, Kafr ash-Shayk, Kafr el Sheik, Kafr el Sheikh
Muhafazah Governorate Matruh Marsa Matruh, Mersa Matruh, Western Desert, Matrouh
Muhafazah Governorate Qina Kena, Qena, Quena
Muhafazah Governorate Shamal Sina’ Shamal Sina, Nord Sinaï, North Sinai, Sina ash-Shamaliyah, Sinai ash Shamaliya
Muhafazah Governorate Suhaj Girga, Girgeh, Sawhaj, Sohag, Suhag
: Ad Daqahliyah, Ägypten PPT, Al Daqahliyah, Al Wadi/Al Jadid, al-Garbiyah, Alejandr¡a, Alexandria, Alexandrie, As Ismailiyah, Assiout, Assiut, Assouan, Assuã, Assuán, Assyut, Asyiut, Asyout Bani Suwayf, Beheira, Behera, Béhéra Al Fayyum, Beni Souef, Beni Suef Bur Sa`id, Beni Suwayf, Bur Said, Cairo, Caliubia, Canal, Charkieh, Dacahlia, Dagahlia, Dakahlia, Dakahlieh, Dakahliya, Dakalieh, Damietta, Damiette, Daqaliya, Dekahlia Al Bahr al Ahmar, Dumiat Janub Sina’, El Buhayra, El Cairo, El Faiyum, el Fayoum, El Gharbiya, El Giza, El Gizah, El Iskandariya Al Isma`iliyah, El Qahira, El Suweiz, El-Wadi El-Gidid, Es Suweis, Faium, Faiyum, Fayoum, Fayum, Fayyum Al Gharbiyah, Garbia, Geographische Ägypten, Gharbia Al Iskandariyah, Gharbieh, Gharbiya, Girga, Girgeh, Giza, Gizeh, Guizèh Al Minufiyah, Isma’iliya Al Jizah, Ismailia, Janub Sina, Kafr ash Shaikh, Kafr ash-Shayk, Kafr el Sheik, Kafr el Sheikh Matruh, Kafr-El-Sheikh, Kalioubieh, Kalioubiya, Kalyoubia, Kalyubia Al Wadi al Jadid, Kena, Le Caire Al Qalyubiyah, Mar Rojo, Mar Vermelho, Marsa Matruh, Matrouh Qina, Menia, Menoufia, Menoufieh, Menufia, Menufiya, Mer Rouge, Mersa Matruh, Minia, Minieh, Minufia Al Minya, Minufiya, Minya Al Qahirah, Munufia, New Valley, Nord Sinaï, North Sinai, Novo Vale, Ouadi El Guedid, Port Said, Port-Saïd Dumyat, Qaliyubia, Qalyubiya, Qena, Quena Shamal Sina’, Red Sea Al Buhayrah, Sawhaj, Shamal Sina, Sharkia Aswan, Sharqia, Sharqiya, Sharquia, Sina al-Janubiyah, Sina ash-Shamaliyah, Sinai al Janubia, Sinai ash Shamaliya Suhaj, Sohag, South Sinai, Southern Desert As Suways, Sud Sinai Kafr ash Shaykh, Suez Ash Sharqiyah, Suhag, Syene Asyut, Western Desert.