Japan Map PowerPoint


Editable Japan Map PowerPoint Slides and template, Vector Map with Prefecture (Ken, Do, Fu), coloring, labeling and printing PPT template for Presentations and Reporting

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Japan Map PowerPoint, editable vector map

Professional Japan map with prefectures (political boundary Map) for your PowerPoint Presentation.

PowerPoint Slides and template for your business, sales and marketing campaigns or presentations for Japan (Nippon) in Asia. The Japan map is easy to edit with the classic PowerPoint features like coloring or highlighting of the regions, states and countries of Japan or for printing out as an organization or distribution map.

  • Slide 1: Japan, Nippon map in East Asia, colored by administrative divisions (prefecture) and incl. neighboring countries
  • Slide 2: Plain or blank outline map of Japan, editable vector map, grey color and with no labels (clipart map)
  • Slide 3: Plain Japan map with prefecture, administration divisions, as freeform-shapes, editable and with no labels
  • Slide 4 – 50: Vector maps of single states (prefecture) of  Japan with cutouts of adjacent administrative divisions, districts and neighboring states

Preview Slides: Nippon, Japan Map PowerPoint

Japan Map PowerPoint Slides, editable vector map of Nippon incl. Outline Map Slides of Nippon, editable Regions - vector map Japan-Map for Presentations in Asia political boudany map of Nippon - coloring, labeling, printing presentation


Japan Map PowerPoint-Slides, template

  • This PowerPoint Set of Japan / Nippon contains 50 PowerPoint slides and vector-shapes
  • Download Japan map for PowerPoint Presentation as ZIP-File
  • All items are in freeform shapes. Rescale your Japan map without loss of quality.
  • Shapes, labels, textboxes are individual editable,  colorable and printable
  • The Japan maps are rendered exactly according to GIS data.
  • Included are names of regions, neighboring countries and districts, but feel free to remove it.


Japan Map labels

The slide names, regions and prefektures are in english Labels and names – feel free to rename the labels or remove it.


Neighboring states of Japan for PPT Presentations

Japan is bordered by Russia, North-Korea, South-Korea, China and Taiwan


Top 5 Cities in Japan

City native language name
Tokyo 特別区部
Yokohama 横浜市
Osaka 大阪市
Nagoya 名古屋市
Sapporo 札幌市


The PowerPoint set of Japan is perfectly suited for the visualization of your business presentation, company reporting’s, sales and marketing activities, supporting territories, and many other data or features that you want to place at the center of your presentations or business reports. All of our maps, so the regions (Prefecture) of Japan are exactly rendered to GIS data. This provides you with a professional, high quality and above all accurate PPT template. With classical PowerPoint tools and features, you can easily redesign or edit this map for your business. Colorize individual shapes, place, points (City, Locations and Clients) or other labels, add charts and pictures and customize the design in your own corporate identity. Starting coloring, labeling and redesigning by ungrouping the shapes of Japan. States and textboxes (labels) are grouped. After that, you have various options in PowerPoint to create powerful business slides and maps of Japan for your presentations.

Edit Japan Map with no label: select slide 3 and ungroup shapes and set your own CI-Colors and create your own map…

edit jp map with no labels - vector shapes, boundary map, grey color


Other formats for the Nippon map

For other formats or boundary Maps of Japan in KML file, Esri Shp, geoJSON, SVG, Excel, BI systems (Qlik, SAP HANA, CRM Dynamics, ORACLE APEX), please contact us.

For customizing your CRM Database-System of Japan, modifying your KPI-System or programming for MS Access, Excel add-ons please contact our consulting company stallwanger IT.

Example Map: Coloring Excel Japan Map with xls-Values and Data, create Heatmaps or make color ramps for your Management Reporting.

excel addin Japan Map coloring with excel data, values

Excel-Addin Japan Map for KPI-Reporting, Sales Regions incl. Export Function to PowerPoint Slides (Vector-Map)

Nippon / Japan Map: Coloring Japan map with your own Database (MS Access) and values.

Japan Nippon map with no labels for VBA, Access, Shp

Japan Nippon map with no labels for VBA, Access, Shp


Liste of Districts in the powerpoint template set: Japan Prefecture

Ken Prefecture AI Aichi Aiti
Ken Prefecture AK Akita
Ken Prefecture AO Aomori
Ken Prefecture CH Chiba Tiba, Tsiba
Ken Prefecture EH Ehime
Ken Prefecture FI Fukui Hukui
Ken Prefecture FO Fukuoka Hukuoka
Ken Prefecture FS Fukushima Hukusima
Ken Prefecture GF Gifu Gihu
Ken Prefecture GM Gunma GunmaGumma
Ken Prefecture HS Hiroshima Hirosima
Do Circuit HK Hokkaido Ezo, Yeso, Yezo
Ken Prefecture HG Hyogo Hiogo
Ken Prefecture IB Ibaraki
Ken Prefecture IS Ishikawa Isikawa
Ken Prefecture IW Iwate
Ken Prefecture KG Kagawa
Ken Prefecture KS Kagoshima
Ken Prefecture KN Kanagawa
Ken Prefecture KC Kochi Koti
Ken Prefecture KM Kumamoto
Fu Urban Prefecture KY Kyoto Kioto
Ken Prefecture ME Mie Miye
Ken Prefecture MG Miyagi
Ken Prefecture MZ Miyazaki
Ken Prefecture NN Nagano
Ken Prefecture NS Naoasaki Nagasaki
Ken Prefecture NR Nara
Ken Prefecture NI Niigata
Ken Prefecture OT Oita
Ken Prefecture OY Okayama
Ken Prefecture ON Okinawa
Fu Urban Prefecture OS Osaka
Ken Prefecture SG Saga
Ken Prefecture ST Saitama
Ken Prefecture SH Shiga Siga
Ken Prefecture SM Shimane Simane
Ken Prefecture SZ Shizuoka Sizuoka
Ken Prefecture TC Tochigi Totigi
Ken Prefecture TS Tokushima Tokusima
To Metropolis TK Tokyo Edo, Yedo, Tokio, T¢quio
Ken Prefecture TT Tottori
Ken Prefecture TY Toyama
Ken Prefecture WK Wakayama
Ken Prefecture YT Yamagata
Ken Prefecture YC Yamaguchi Yamaguti
Ken Prefecture YN Yamanashi Yamanasi