Luxembourg Map PowerPoint


Premium editable PowerPoint Map of Luxembourg incl. Administration Districts / Province for your business presentations and reporting.

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Professional Luxembourg map for PowerPoint business presentations and Reportings.

Premium starting-set for your business, sales and marketing activities to visualize your regional activities or business activities in Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), a landlocked country in Western Europe.


PowerPoint Set: Luxembourg Map – Lëtzebuerg

  • Editable Outline map of Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg – Map with the neighboring countries
  • Each department / Regions available in different Slides (for Zoom-Effect)
  • For better orientation some Cities in Luxembourg incl.
  • high quality premium slides incl. administrations districts / Province of Luxembourg
  • Download PowerPoint Presentation Map as ZIP-File


Luxembourg Map Lëtzebuerg Vector-Map, PowerPoint Map Luxembourg, editable, outline map, grey color with no names, labels


General Information

Official name the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Official name [native] le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg «French»
Großherzogtum Luxemburg (das) «German»
Capital Luxembourg
Capital Names Luxembourg «French»
Luxemburg «German»
Lëtzebuerg «Luxem-bourgish»
Region Western Europe
ISO code LU

Other Names


Other Names

Name in Chinese 卢森堡大公国
Name in Arabic دوقية لكسمبرغ الكبرى
Name in Spanish el Gran Ducado de Luxemburgo
Name in Russian Великое Герцогство Люксембург
Name in French le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg


List of Districts in the PowerPoint set for Luxembourg

Diekirch Dikrech, Dikkrich LU.DI District
Grevenmacher Gréivemaacher LU.GR District
Luxembourg Lëtzebuerg,Luxemburg LU.LU District