PowerPoint Sonora Municipality Map


Sonora Municipality Map – editable vector map for ppt presentations and reporting, state of mexico – MX SON

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PowerPoint Sonora Municipality Map – (editable ppt template)

PPT Presentation Slides for business, sales and marketing activities in Mexico

Easy to edit with classic PowerPoint functions – e.g. edit, colorize, letter, number or highlight the boundary Shapes of the Free and Sovereign State of Sonora, located in North-Central Region of Mexico (ISO2: MX-SON).

PowerPoint Sonora Municipality Map, vector, editable shapes, freeform, region and states of mexico

PowerPoint Sonora Municipality Map, PPT template, editable shapes, freeform, region and states of mexico


PowerPoint template Sonora Municipality Map

  • Slide 1: Editable Vector-Shapes of Sonora incl. labels and different colors for each Region
  • Slide 2: Outline Map of Sonora
  • All objects (Shapes) in PowerPoint can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.
  • Esp. Design for PowerPoint Presentations
  • All Boundary Shapes are exactly rendered by GIS data
  • Download PPT template as ZIP-File


Sonora Map PowerPoint modificar editar, ppt template, slides, editable, labeling for presentations

Sonora Map PowerPoint – ppt template, vector-shapes, editable, labeling for presentations and reporting


MX-SON- Municipios de Sonora

CVE ID Municipios
1 Aconchi
2 Agua Prieta
3 Alamos
4 Altar
5 Arivechi
6 Arizpe
7 Atil
8 Bacadéhuachi
9 Bacanora
10 Bacerac
11 Bacoachi
12 Bácum
13 Banámichi
14 Baviácora
15 Bavispe
16 Benjamín Hill
17 Caborca
18 Cajeme
19 Cananea
20 Carbó
21 La Colorada
22 Cucurpe
23 Cumpas
24 Divisaderos
25 Empalme
26 Etchojoa
27 Fronteras
28 Granados
29 Guaymas
30 Hermosillo
31 Huachinera
32 Huásabas
33 Huatabampo
34 Huépac
35 Imuris
36 Magdalena
37 Mazatán
38 Moctezuma
39 Naco
40 Nácori Chico
41 Nacozari de García
42 Navojoa
43 Nogales
44 Onavas
45 Opodepe
46 Oquitoa
47 Pitiquito
48 Puerto Peñasco
49 Quiriego
50 Rayón
51 Rosario
52 Sahuaripa
53 San Felipe de Jesús
54 San Javier
55 San Luis Río Colorado
56 San Miguel de Horcasitas
57 San Pedro de la Cueva
58 Santa Ana
59 Santa Cruz
60 Sáric
61 Soyopa
62 Suaqui Grande
63 Tepache
64 Trincheras
65 Tubutama
66 Ures
67 Villa Hidalgo
68 Villa Pesqueira
69 Yécora
70 General Plutarco Elías Calles
71 Benito Juárez
72 San Ignacio Río Muerto


The PPT template – Sonora Municipality Map – is perfectly suited for the visualization of your business presentation, company reporting’s, sales and marketing activities, supporting territories, and many other data or features that you want to place at the center of your presentations or business reports. All of our maps are exactly rendered to GIS data. This provides you with a professional, high quality and above all accurate PPT template. With classical PowerPoint tools and features, you can easily redesign or edit this map for your business. Colorize individual shapes, place, points (City, Locations and Clients) or other labels, add charts and pictures and customize the design in your own corporate identity. Starting coloring – redesigning by ungrouping the shapes. States and textboxes (labels) are grouped. Feel free to ungroup all Shapes, Freeform-Shapes and Labels – after that, you have various options in PowerPoint to create powerful business slides and maps for your presentations.