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WMG Europe  – Recolor your Country by an Excel-Sheet – simple and easy to use.

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WMG Europe

The display and presentation of key data of location-based costs in international companies is usually extremely time-consuming and costly.

For important management decisions a Europe Map is often required which needs to be graphically redesigned for each presentation.

The Color-World Map Generator for Europe is an extremely efficient tool which allows you to edit and manage your data in an excel table and enables you to easily adapt and visualize the data in a PowerPoint Presentation.

Display Excel Data to Europe Map, Create own Heatmaps for PowerPoitn Presentations

The WMG Europe is a helpful tool that automates the cumbersome manual insertion of text elements, shapes and animation effects in PowerPoint.

Numerous useful features such as country codes and ISO flags are installed in the sub-directories. The flag symbols, in various sizes, can be placed in exact positions on your PowerPoint Europe Map Slides.


In addition you can insert your Company Logo and other pictures, even add a Weblink, which you can simply open using your Web-Browser during your presentation

Color Scheme:

The color adaption of the maps is playfully simple to do and can be easily tailored to your CI guidelines.

The World MAP Generator simply adopts fond color, size, style and effects (bold, cursive, underlined) from your excel template and transfers them in to your
PowerPoint Presentation.

Presenting your Data on the Map or in newly created slides:



You can show your data and figures directly on the Map and/or for a better overview create additional slides where you can enhance your data and give a more detailed summary of your figures and analyses.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Office 2007 (SP2) or higher and Windows XP or higher.
Professional Version, optional with integrated data base:

We can provide you with SQL Scripts or INI Files if you wish to draw your data from another source. As a rule our customers use ORACLE, ACCESS, MSSQL, DB2, ODBC-Connection or SAP.

Delivery Content:

  • PowerPoint Europe MAP (Vector-Format) with Countries
  • All Country-Shapes are in ISO3 Format
  • Insertion of images in various formats (gif, jpg, png, bmp, tif, emf, wmf, eps)
  • Sample Excel Templates (EU, Population Europe/m², Capital City)
  • Flags/Icons (ISO2 standard and in four sizes, for an optimal presentation)
  • Manual in german

Product ist in german