IT Italy Province Map Vector


Italy Province Map – editable Vectormap for Illustrator (AI), EPS, SVG with Layer (Province-Name)

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IT Italy Province Map Vector – SVG, AI, EPS


Professional (IT) Italy Province Map for designers in the typical vector formats SVG, EPS and AI (Adobe Illustrator).

Italy (Repubblica italiana) Province Map – for business, sales and marketing activities in Europe, with 113 editable Provinces.
Vector boundary graphics for business presentations, editable (e.g. labeling, coloring, …), with no labels, grey color as vector map.

Use Illustrator (AI) or SVG to select your layer (province) of Italy. Make Copy and Paste to use it in other Vector-Programms.

Preview Map of Italy and Layer

ITA Province Map, Mapa Provincia AI EPS SVG, editable gray with no label, ITA Provincia Map, Mappa Provincia AI EPS SVG, grigio modificabile senza etichetta

editable vector map of Italy (Administration Level 2: Province), grey color, with no labels for AI, EPS, SVG

All of our maps – so the IT Italy Province Map Vector are exactly rendered to GIS data. You get a professional, high quality and an accurate boundary map. You can easily redesign or edit this map for your business. Colorize individual shapes, add effects (e.g. shadows, extrude) or add labels and customize the design in your own corporate identity colors. Edit this map by ungrouping the shapes and find your right shapes by Names.



Live time License. With the in-house license, you can use this template directly in your company – for editing and printing (overheads, flyers, posters, etc.).

The multi-license on request – Contact us


Product – Download

the IT Italy Province Map Vector  (boundary) can be downloaded as a compressed ZIP file.


Availability / deliver

Download (Zip-File) immediately after purchase.

This Zip-File incl EPS, SVG and AI (Adobe Illustrator) format.


For other formats or solution please contact us.

e.g. Preview Excel-Heatmap Italy: Administration Level: Province for KPI-Dashboards. Coloring Provinces with your own values in Excel and export your Vector-Map to PowerPoint.

Excel add-in Heatmap Italy Province