Stockholm län vs Postcode Map

Stockholm län vs Postcode Map – Vector, SVG, Excel

Maps4Office updated the Stockholm Map for Sales and Markting and the Postal-Code map for BI-Systems, MS Office Products (e.g. Excel-Addin-Map) and for CRM-Systems.

Stockholm is a County (Administration Level 1) or in Swedish “Län” on the Baltic sea cost of Sweden and more then 20% of the Swedish population lives in the county.

Stockholm län Map

Stockholm län vs Postcode Map, län of sweden swe, region, states of sweden europe

Stockholm län map – counties of Sweden

For CRM-Systems or KPI-Sales Reporting, the 5-digit Postcode Map of Stockholm is quite different than the municipalities (kommuner) Map of Stockholm.

So please check, what kind of maps do you need for your reporting. Choose between Municipalities or Postcode-Map of Stockholm.

Map of Municipalities – Stockholm

municipalities of Stockholm, administration vector map sweden, editable stockholm map, kommuner stockholm

Stockholm – kommuner, municipalities Map for BI-Systems, PowerPoint or for Designer in AI, EPS, SVG-Format

Or the Postcode Map of Stockholm.

Remember – the deepest Postcode Level (ZIP-Code) in Sweden is 5-digits. For sales or organization Maps use the 2-digit Postcode Map of Sweden.


Postcode Map of Stockholm 5-digits

Estocolmo - stockholm postcode, zip-code, pim mapa, map, editable, vector Stoccolma -

Stockholm – Postcode Map 5-digits for BI or CRM-Systems

If you need a Heatmap for a monthly Report, please contact the Maps4Office-Team.

We can help you to create an Excel-Addin-Map of Stockholm (län or postcode map) or individuell Solution.

Preview: Stockholm Postcode-Map Stockholm Postcode-Map 5-digits, excel list of postcodes of sweden swe for bi-systems, crm, ms office and powerpoint

Stockholm: Postcode Map 5-digits for Sales-Reporting as Excel-Addin

Image / Picture source: stallwanger IT.