US Wisconsin Map County population density

US Wisconsin Map County population density – PowerPoint Presentation

Compare US Wisconsin Map by population density with Lambert or Anamorphic Projection type by counties (Administration Level 2). The data source is from the Annual Census Report (

USA Wisconsin Map Population County States - heatmap for Powerpoint presentations

US Wisconsin Map Population density – compare Lambert vs. Anamorphic


The map on the Top shows the classic Wisconsin (WI) map with counties in Lambert projection, calculated by the area per population density and as a “heat map”. On the other side: The anamorphic map of WI with 72 counties incl. both Shapes (Lake Superior and Lake Michigan). The color ramp (“heat map”) moves from (green = min, red = max values per population).


The total population in US.WI 2015:   5.483.531   (est. values)


US Wisconsin Map County population density – Table / Source

Maps4Office clients can use following table to create this Heatmap (only classic projection)  for the simple PowerPoint Maps:

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Compare Heatmap by all US-Counties

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Excel US counties florida versus us states america population density


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US County (WI) HASC-ID Population Capital City
Adams US.WI.AD                   2.048 Adams
Ashland US.WI.AS                 16.016 Ashland
Barron US.WI.BR                 45.676 Barron
Bayfield US.WI.BY                 15.156 Bayfield
Brown US.WI.BW               254.586 Brown
Buffalo US.WI.BF                 13.357 Buffalo
Burnett US.WI.BN                 15.333 Burnett
Calumet US.WI.CA                 49.617 Calumet
Chippewa US.WI.CH                 63.132 Chippewa
Clark US.WI.CL                 34.615 Clark
Columbia US.WI.CO                 56.653 Columbia
Crawford US.WI.CR                 16.397 Crawford
Dane US.WI.DA               509.939 Dane
Dodge US.WI.DD                 88.344 Dodge
Door US.WI.DO                 27.896 Door
Douglas US.WI.DG                 43.887 Douglas
Dunn US.WI.DN                 44.122 Dunn
Eau Claire US.WI.EA               101.438 Eau Claire
Florence US.WI.FL                       452 Florence
Fond du Lac US.WI.FN               101.798 Fond du Lac
Forest US.WI.FR                   9.126 Forest
Grant US.WI.GA                 51.069 Grant
Green US.WI.GN                   3.709 Green
Green Lake US.WI.GL                 18.959 Green Lake
Iowa US.WI.IO                 23.749 Iowa
Iron US.WI.IR                   5.886 Iron
Jackson US.WI.JA                 20.644 Jackson
Jefferson US.WI.JE                 84.509 Jefferson
Juneau US.WI.JU                 26.547 Juneau
Kenosha US.WI.KN               167.757 Kenosha
Kewaunee US.WI.KW                 20.505 Kewaunee
La Crosse US.WI.LA               116.713 La Crosse
Lafayette US.WI.LF                 16.766 Lafayette
Lake Michigan US.WI.WB                          –
Lake Superior US.WI.WB                          –
Langlade US.WI.LN                 19.575 Langlade
Lincoln US.WI.LI                 28.684 Lincoln
Manitowoc US.WI.MW                 80.654 Manitowoc
Marathon US.WI.MH               135.416 Marathon
Marinette US.WI.MT                   4.161 Marinette
Marquette US.WI.MQ                 15.176 Marquette
Menominee US.WI.MN                   4.317 Menominee
Milwaukee US.WI.MU               956.023 Milwaukee
Monroe US.WI.MO                 45.298 Monroe
Oconto US.WI.OC                 37.318 Oconto
Oneida US.WI.ON                 35.689 Oneida
Outagamie US.WI.OU               180.345 Outagamie
Ozaukee US.WI.OZ                 87.054 Ozaukee
Pepin US.WI.PE                       736 Pepin
Pierce US.WI.PI                 40.976 Pierce
Polk US.WI.PL                 43.476 Polk
Portage US.WI.PT                   7.038 Portage
Price US.WI.PC                 13.802 Price
Racine US.WI.RA               195.041 Racine
Richland US.WI.RI                 17.717 Richland
Rock US.WI.RO               160.739 Rock
Rusk US.WI.RU                 14.395 Rusk
Saint Croix US.WI.SI                   8.593 Saint Croix
Sauk US.WI.SU                 63.162 Sauk
Sawyer US.WI.SW                 16.513 Sawyer
Shawano US.WI.SA                 41.643 Shawano
Sheboygan US.WI.SE               114.922 Sheboygan
Taylor US.WI.TA                   2.061 Taylor
Trempealeau US.WI.TR                 29.582 Trempealeau
Vernon US.WI.VE                 30.329 Vernon
Vilas US.WI.VI                 21.368 Vilas
Walworth US.WI.WL               102.945 Walworth
Washburn US.WI.WR                 15.686 Washburn
Washington US.WI.WN               132.739 Washington
Waukesha US.WI.WK               393.843 Waukesha
Waupaca US.WI.WP                 52.285 Waupaca
Waushara US.WI.WS                 24.329 Waushara
Winnebago US.WI.WA               169.541 Winnebago
Wood US.WI.WO                 73.959 Wood