World Map Black and White for commercial use

World Map Black and White for commercial use (e.g. for Papers, Reports or Dashboards)

Maps4Office support different map types for individual Solutions, presentations or BI-Systems. Whether it is a world map, map of Europe, Regional-Vector-Maps or Postcode Boundary Maps.

If you need PowerPoint Maps for Presentations, Excel Maps, Adobe Illustrator Maps in SVG Format or for BI-Systems we support all Formats. All SVG, AI and EPS maps we deliver in white or grey colors and can be re-inked in your own CI-Format.

Preview World Map

Political World Map with States – Black and White

World Map Black and White for commercial use states, counties, boundary for ai, ppt

World Map Black and White – States level


Compare world Map in White-Colors. The world map with political boundary shapes with “white”-colors the islands are better than in the color “black”.

world map vector counties ai black white - states for illustrator, photoshop, powerpoint

world map white color – states level

Special customer project: illustration of world map in black and white colors as editable PowerPoint vector template incl. marine regions.

world map vector black white illustrator photoshop powerpoint vector template

World Map – black and white colors incl. marine regions for PowerPoint Presentations

FEO Region World Map – black and white colors for AI (Adobe Illustrator)

world map vector region worldmap - FEO Region for AI Photoshop, SVG

World Map – black and white incl. FEO-Region

World Map Terra ECO-Region


world map vector ai commercial use, FEO Terra World Map economical worldmap template

World Map – Commercial FEO-Region


Excel – World Map with Black, White and Grey-Colors

Use the Excel Addin World Map (Color World map Generator) for Excel and PowerPoint to create own Heat map with Black, White or Grey-Colors.

Use the Wizard to set your own color-ramp.

Excel world map vector states - black and white for commercial use

Excel – Color Worldmap Generator – select your own values to color states from black to white


If you want to create your Own Map for your Management-Reporting or Design, please describe us what do you need, so we can help to find the right business Map.

We support different World Maps: