Worldmap Excel – Color world map generator for Excel

Reporting and controlling tool for the visualization of international figures and contexts

Use Excel-Worldmap Addin for Reporting and Controlling. Protect your Company-Data and work Offline.

Create and Design Maps for Controlling, KPI-Dashboards and Top-Management-Reports

Tell a great reporting-story with your own values in Excel:

Worldmap Excel - recolor worldmap by excel data, Mapa Mundial de Excel - cambiar el color de mapa del mundo por los datos de Excel

Worldmap Excel – Coloring by Excel Data, Cells and Range

Protect your Company Data and work Offline

Select Iso Code, Freetext and Excel-Values to create your Worldmap.

Excel select ISO Code and set Data into World map Excel, Excel seleccione Código e ISO Conjunto de datos en Excel Mapa del mundo

Select Iso Code, Freetext and Values bei WMG – Excel Addin

Create powerful Heatmaps for your reporting

Worldmap Excel 2016, Excel Addin political Map, Mapa Mundial de Excel 2016, Excel Add In Mapa político

Recolor Worldmap Addin

world map excel Cost Of Living International, mapa del mundo excel costo de la vida internacional

Excel World Map 2016 – Cost Of Living International

Worldmap Excel - Salaries Comparison , Mapa Mundial de Excel - Los salarios de la comparación de 2016

Worldmap Excel – Salaries Comparison

Excel world map addin - coloring by iso code and values, Excel complemento de mapa del mundo - la coloración por los valores de las celdas, mapa sin conexión

Worldmap Excel – coloring by iso code and values

Learn Worldmap – Worldmap Excel – Addin

Worldmap Excel – as Excel Chart Object.

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More interesting is the situation, if you want to create a real Map (e.g. Worldmap) as an Excel-Chart Object.

Excel Worldmap Chart with no macro

world map excel

Then it’s possible to set places (points) into a Map and you can use every Excel-Chart functions – (e.g. Color, Resize, …).

World Map Excel-Chart x y

world map as an x-y-chart

In General, all source values exists in an origin excel source file – so you avoid to transfer (import/export) data from one system into another one – and the next benefit is to use sensitive data’s without using the service from google-map or bing-map (privacy).

Image / Picture: stallwanger IT.