Worldmap Excel

Color world map generator for Excel

Reporting and controlling tool for the visualization of international figures and contexts

Use Excel-Worldmap Addin for Reporting and Controlling. Protect your Company-Data and work Offline.


Create and Design Maps for Controlling, KPI-Dashboards and Top-Management-Reports

Tell a great reporting-story with your own values in Excel:

Worldmap Excel - recolor worldmap by excel data, Mapa Mundial de Excel - cambiar el color de mapa del mundo por los datos de Excel

Worldmap Excel – Coloring by Excel Data, Cells and Range


Protect your Company Data and work Offline

Select Iso Code, Freetext and Excel-Values to create your Worldmap.

Excel select ISO Code and set Data into World map Excel, Excel seleccione Código e ISO Conjunto de datos en Excel Mapa del mundo

Select Iso Code, Freetext and Values bei WMG – Excel Addin

Create powerful Heatmaps for your reporting

Worldmap Excel 2016, Excel Addin political Map, Mapa Mundial de Excel 2016, Excel Add In Mapa político

Recolor Worldmap Addin –

world map excel Cost Of Living International, mapa del mundo excel costo de la vida internacional

Excel World Map 2016 – Cost Of Living International

Worldmap Excel - Salaries Comparison 2016, Mapa Mundial de Excel - Los salarios de la comparación de 2016

Worldmap Excel – Salaries Comparison 2016



Excel world map addin - coloring by iso code and values, Excel complemento de mapa del mundo - la coloración por los valores de las celdas, mapa sin conexión

Worldmap Excel – coloring by iso code and values

Learn Worldmap – Worldmap Excel – Addin



Worldmap Excel – as Excel Chart Object.

– product not available –

More interesting is the situation, if you want to create a real Map (e.g. Worldmap) as an Excel-Chart Object.

Excel Worldmap Chart with no macro

world map excel

Then it’s possible to set places (points) into a Map and you can use every Excel-Chart functions – (e.g. Color, Resize, …).

World Map Excel-Chart x y

world map as an x-y-chart

In General, all source values exists in an origin excel source file – so you avoid to transfer (import/export) data from one system into another one – and the next benefit is to use sensitive data’s without using the service from google-map or bing-map (privacy).